High Winds, Blackouts, and No Showers

With many parts of California consumed with battling wildfires, El Dorado County has been lucky. Buffeted by high winds on Sunday, we were fire-free – and have remained so. (Thank you to all the PG&E contractors who worked so hard clearing trees from power lines up here the last two months. My peeps.)

This week power outages were weird in Placerville, with one side of Main Street having power while the other side was dark. Those small businesses who had power said they didn’t know from one day to the next if they’d be in the dark again. Some businesses on “the dark side” of Main Street had power generators set-up on the sidewalk so they could remain open. People living in the township were lucky to have a small window of power on Tuesday before power was shut-off again (in preparation for the third “wind event” this month). Up here in the rural hillsides we were not so lucky.

Power here went down early Saturday evening and was turned back on at 11:30 this morning. In my last Post I mentioned that we had a power generator (no trying to read or play Scrabble by candlelight). But since the well runs on power, there was no running water. Toilet had to be manually flushed. No baths or showers. (Sponge baths are fine in a pinch, but today’s shower was simply luxuriant; and after going five days without showering I was SO happy to finally wash my hair. Small pleasures.) I couldn’t get online either since the WiFi tower was down with the rest of us. It feels good to be connected.

A bright note:  I discovered some cool channels on broadcast television.

  • Dabl “A New Lifestyle Network”
  • MOVIES! (Today they are showing some great old horror movies. Right now I’m watching The Revenge of Frankenstein.)

Unconnected and with grimy hair, I reminded myself that there are many Californians who had been evacuated (many to temporary shelters) who may not have a house to come home to. My thoughts are with them. Thank you First Responders; and the individuals, companies, and organizations pitching in to help those affected by the fires.

To the Public House tonight for some Halloween-style Drinkin’ and Trivia…and Pub Nachos!

Happy Halloween!!

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The Raging Inferno

I’m working on several pre-Halloween Posts which has been difficult due to power outages this past week. I am trying to get at least one Post published today; but I really need to talk about what’s happening in my state.

We are facing another outage later tonight (I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be in the early Sunday morning hours) that will last through Monday. 50mph winds are forecast for Northern California (down from the north) early Sunday which are expected to spread as far south as the South Bay (where I used to live). In additon, both Sonoma and El Dorado counties (where I live now) are experiencing 29% humidity. This is EXTREMELY low compared to the rest of Northern California and is contributing to our High Fire Danger. (To give you some perspective, a deer was spotted nearby sneezing! Diego has had some major problems with nasal allergies this morning, as well. Low humidity has been shown to cause upper respiratory issues – such as allergies – and it’s particularly bad right now.)

Governor Newsom has declared both Sonoma and LA counties in a State of Emergency. The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has consumed over 25,000 acres and is only 10% contained. As I write this, I personally know one Santa Rosa family undergoing a mandatory evacuation.

We are lucky that, in spite of being in a HIGH FIRE DANGER zone, we have a fire department close by. We also have evacuation routes posted on the roads and a small airport nearby. It’s still scary though. After more than two weeks, the Caples Fire just east of here is finally under control.

And in spite of two lame-brained teenagers living here during this, we are fairly prepared:  power generator, gasoline, bottles of drinking water, and containers of well-water for flushing the toilet…and lots of GIN!!!. Small miracles.

So, just heard that in 45 minutes we might have NO POWER…will try to finish this post-haste (Shower be damned!)

From time.com:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized PG&E and other utility companies in a press conference about the wildfire Thursday morning, saying that “they will be held to account” and “they better step up.”

“It’s more than just climate change,” Newsom said. As it relates to PG&E, he said, it’s about “decades of mismanagement” and “focusing on shareholders and dividends” over the public. Newsom said that at least 178,000 customers had already been impacted by PG&E’s power disruptions.

He criticized other utility companies too, saying that the state has been meeting with Edison and SDG for “close to a year now” working to “[lay] out protocols… and they’re not meeting those protocols.”

One more thing. Please be kind to the PG&E workers here. Many of them are contractors and are doing the best they can in this crisis. Fuck the higher-ups, though! If you’re going to “go postal” on someone’s ass, target them!

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What’s Rockin’ My World (10.22.2019)

What’s “trending” at Chez Rock Vixen…

  1. WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch (aka “The Man”)

    I confess I haven’t indulged in wrestling “entertainment” for decades; but I watch morning sports shows on FS1 where they recently began advertising that WWE Smackdown was coming to FOX. So I thought “I like Roman Reigns. What the hell, I’ll check it out.”

    Tuning in that inaugural Friday, I wasn’t suprised that most of the wrestlers were new to me; but I came away impressed with this very cool, feisty (Irish-born) lady. (Nice arms, too!)

  2. Sharon Ehman is the creative architect behind Toxic Vision.
    Been following this artist/fashion designer for many years. One of these days I’ll buy something (I always seem to be low on cash whenever a new collection is unveiled.) – perhaps a pair of Bullet Pants, although I DO love her vests…

    Ms. Ehman’s designs are so unique (many are one-of-a-kind) that cheap imitations are being sold under the name “Toxic Vision”. (If you see Toxic Vision clothing sold ANYWHERE but her website, they are NOT the real deal. Don’t contribute to this thievery.)
    Website:  toxicvision.bigcartel.com

    Instagram:  www.instagram.com/toxicvision/
    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/toxicvisionclothing

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The Story Continues

Yesterday’s 3-card Tarot spread appears to have picked-up from where we left off last Monday.

Another Trump card (this time it’s The Empress) is holding court between two Minor Arcana cards:  the Seven and Eight of Knives (Swords). Normally, any cards from the Major Arcana “trump” all others in a spread; however, in this case I feel The Empress is out of her league – thus ineffective with her influence.

In this deck, I refer to the Seven of Knives as “Mata Hari”. A black-winged Vampyre has obviously killed someone/something who lies (out of our field of vision) in a pool of blood. Next to the blood is a key, presumably dropped by the now-dead adversary. We may also assume this key opens the door to our left. The impression I get from this little scenario is that the Vampyre is guarding the door and has killed whomever/whatever was intent on opening it. What secret might that door hold? Perhaps the Eight of Knives lies waiting on the other side…

waiting to be released? This bound creature is very definitely my Shadow; but instead of it being a snarling beast like last Monday’s Prince of Knives, It is restrained with chains and appears to be resigned to the situation.

My Shadow is still caged, but this time (S)he is waiting patiently (?) to be released. Or at the very least, it seems the relationship I’m having with my Shadow is in a more controlled environment. Or is it?

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On Disappointments and Expectations

Who has disappointed you lately? Better yet, ask yourself “Who have I disappointed lately?”

“Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation.”

“I have been disappointed many times, but never defeated.”
– Glenda Jackson

“I’ve never been disappointed because I’ve never given somebody I liked that much power.”
– Albert Brooks

“Don’t blame people for disappointing you,
blame yourself for expecting too much from them.”

“Inside every cynical person there is a disappointed Idealist.”
– George Carlin

“Things are as they are. We suffer because we imagined different.”

“Hurt is often mistaken for anger. 85% of the time, a person isn’t actually mad at you, but instead disappointed.”

“Evil lurks where disappointment lodges.”
– George Foreman

“Don’t be sorry. I trusted you. My mistake, not yours.”

“They burned the bridge, then ask why I don’t visit.”

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”
– Sylvia Plath

“Companion animals never disappoint – they don’t have that capacity.”
– M

Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation

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