The Story Continues

Yesterday’s 3-card Tarot spread appears to have picked-up from where we left off last Monday.

Another Trump card (this time it’s The Empress) is holding court between two Minor Arcana cards:  the Seven and Eight of Knives (Swords). Normally, any cards from the Major Arcana “trump” all others in a spread; however, in this case I feel The Empress is out of her league – thus ineffective with her influence.

In this deck, I refer to the Seven of Knives as “Mata Hari”. A black-winged Vampyre has obviously killed someone/something who lies (out of our field of vision) in a pool of blood. Next to the blood is a key, presumably dropped by the now-dead adversary. We may also assume this key opens the door to our left. The impression I get from this little scenario is that the Vampyre is guarding the door and has killed whomever/whatever was intent on opening it. What secret might that door hold? Perhaps the Eight of Knives lies waiting on the other side…

waiting to be released? This bound creature is very definitely my Shadow; but instead of it being a snarling beast like last Monday’s Prince of Knives, It is restrained with chains and appears to be resigned to the situation.

My Shadow is still caged, but this time (S)he is waiting patiently (?) to be released. Or at the very least, it seems the relationship I’m having with my Shadow is in a more controlled environment. Or is it?

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