The Raging Inferno

I’m working on several pre-Halloween Posts which has been difficult due to power outages this past week. I am trying to get at least one Post published today; but I really need to talk about what’s happening in my state.

We are facing another outage later tonight (I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be in the early Sunday morning hours) that will last through Monday. 50mph winds are forecast for Northern California (down from the north) early Sunday which are expected to spread as far south as the South Bay (where I used to live). In additon, both Sonoma and El Dorado counties (where I live now) are experiencing 29% humidity. This is EXTREMELY low compared to the rest of Northern California and is contributing to our High Fire Danger. (To give you some perspective, a deer was spotted nearby sneezing! Diego has had some major problems with nasal allergies this morning, as well. Low humidity has been shown to cause upper respiratory issues – such as allergies – and it’s particularly bad right now.)

Governor Newsom has declared both Sonoma and LA counties in a State of Emergency. The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has consumed over 25,000 acres and is only 10% contained. As I write this, I personally know one Santa Rosa family undergoing a mandatory evacuation.

We are lucky that, in spite of being in a HIGH FIRE DANGER zone, we have a fire department close by. We also have evacuation routes posted on the roads and a small airport nearby. It’s still scary though. After more than two weeks, the Caples Fire just east of here is finally under control.

And in spite of two lame-brained teenagers living here during this, we are fairly prepared:  power generator, gasoline, bottles of drinking water, and containers of well-water for flushing the toilet…and lots of GIN!!!. Small miracles.

So, just heard that in 45 minutes we might have NO POWER…will try to finish this post-haste (Shower be damned!)


California Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized PG&E and other utility companies in a press conference about the wildfire Thursday morning, saying that “they will be held to account” and “they better step up.”

“It’s more than just climate change,” Newsom said. As it relates to PG&E, he said, it’s about “decades of mismanagement” and “focusing on shareholders and dividends” over the public. Newsom said that at least 178,000 customers had already been impacted by PG&E’s power disruptions.

He criticized other utility companies too, saying that the state has been meeting with Edison and SDG for “close to a year now” working to “[lay] out protocols… and they’re not meeting those protocols.”

One more thing. Please be kind to the PG&E workers here. Many of them are contractors and are doing the best they can in this crisis. Fuck the higher-ups, though! If you’re going to “go postal” on someone’s ass, target them!

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