High Winds, Blackouts, and No Showers

With many parts of California consumed with battling wildfires, El Dorado County has been lucky. Buffeted by high winds on Sunday, we were fire-free – and have remained so. (Thank you to all the PG&E contractors who worked so hard clearing trees from power lines up here the last two months. My peeps.)

This week power outages were weird in Placerville, with one side of Main Street having power while the other side was dark. Those small businesses who had power said they didn’t know from one day to the next if they’d be in the dark again. Some businesses on “the dark side” of Main Street had power generators set-up on the sidewalk so they could remain open. People living in the township were lucky to have a small window of power on Tuesday before power was shut-off again (in preparation for the third “wind event” this month). Up here in the rural hillsides we were not so lucky.

Power here went down early Saturday evening and was turned back on at 11:30 this morning. In my last Post I mentioned that we had a power generator (no trying to read or play Scrabble by candlelight). But since the well runs on power, there was no running water. Toilet had to be manually flushed. No baths or showers. (Sponge baths are fine in a pinch, but today’s shower was simply luxuriant; and after going five days without showering I was SO happy to finally wash my hair. Small pleasures.) I couldn’t get online either since the WiFi tower was down with the rest of us. It feels good to be connected.

A bright note:  I discovered some cool channels on broadcast television.

  • Dabl “A New Lifestyle Network”
  • MOVIES! (Today they are showing some great old horror movies. Right now I’m watching The Revenge of Frankenstein.)

Unconnected and with grimy hair, I reminded myself that there are many Californians who had been evacuated (many to temporary shelters) who may not have a house to come home to. My thoughts are with them. Thank you First Responders; and the individuals, companies, and organizations pitching in to help those affected by the fires.

To the Public House tonight for some Halloween-style Drinkin’ and Trivia…and Pub Nachos!

Happy Halloween!!

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