Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary (11.2.2019)

“This is not your typical zoo! We are dedicated to enriching the lives of the animals living at our sanctuary facility. Our rescued domestic and wild animal residents come to live here for a variety of reasons:  they’re orphaned, have sustained life-threatening injuries, were illegal or discarded pets, or victims of abuse or neglect. The zoo sanctuary provides a caring, forever home for these amazing creatures.

We advance our mission of teaching responsible behaviour toward all animals through interactive and fun learning opportunities and outreach activities for all ages.

We offer guided tours, group visits, youth camps, birthday parties, and special event rentals. We also operate Fisher’s Beastro concession stand and a gift shop; proceeds from both benefit the zoo sanctuary animals.”

Many of the residents were camera-shy, but I am planning on attending their Thanksgiving Feast for the Animals and expect to get more photos and movies. Enjoy!

The Cougars put on quite a show!

More felines:

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary Website

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