Tradional Thanksgiving dishes around the country

A discussion ensued today regarding what Americans consider “must haves” for their Thanksgiving table, so I did some research and found regional-based recipes that are obvious – and some that suprised me:

  1. Where would find fried turkey, turkey tamales, and cornbread dressing?
  2. What about creamed onions (A staple when I was growing-up.), oyster stuffing, and Indian pudding?
  3. Which state relishes pickeled cabbage, corn cakes, and corn on the cob for Thanksgiving?
  4. Which nationality serves pasta, pickled vegetables, and antipasto at Thanksgiving?
  5. Where did this Thanksgiving staple originate:  cranberry relish/sauce?
  6. Which region “must have” this on their Thanksgiving table:  Frog eye salad. (They’re also partial to Jell-O salad)
  7. The Green bean casserole originated in which region of the U.S.? (They also replace the traditional pumpkin pie with cherry pie.)
  8. Wild rice casserole can be served on the side or as stuffing. Which state(s) is this usually found?
  9. This one should be a no-brainer:  Which region prides itself on serving Sweet Potato Pie? (Hint:  General portions of collard greens are also served.)
  10. In what state do you find an abundance of peaches (and peach pie) – in addition to their Thanksgiving favorite, Pecan pie?
  11. Key Lime pie is not only a Thanksgiving tradition in this state, but it’s also the state food!
  12. Where did mushroom gravy originate?
  13. Another no-brainer:  Which state incorporates sourdough bread in their stuffing?
  14. Last but not least, where would you find Okinawan sweet potatoes (they’re purple!) served?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What Thanksgiving dinner looks like in 16 regions across the country
Bonus:  10 dishes you should never serve on Thanksgiving

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