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Kicking out 2019 with a vampiric, goth Post.

A few photos from a Vogue article entitled “The Bride Wore Black at This Wedding in the Wilds of Wales“.

Get all the juicy details right here.


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Gallerie::Animal Outreach (12.30.2019)

Animal Outreach of the Motherlode is a non-profit, no-kill shelter for cats. It’s located just outside of Placerville in Diamond Springs, CA; and I am very happy to be a part of their volunteer staff! The facility is wonderful and the “cattery” is a bright, open space with plenty of spaces to climb to, to hide away for a quick nap, or to just play around in.

Last Tuesday (Christmas Eve) I walked in to the cattery to find it almost empty! Almost every cat and kitten had been adopted. (Still a lot of black cats waiting to find their fur-ever homes.) Also, I was there to witness the adoption of three more kitties before we closed-up shop. (One adult cat was being adopted by a mother and her young son and the cat raced into their carrier the minute they opened its door. We were all LOL!) What a Merry Christmas!

These photos were taken from 11.19.2019 to 12.24.2019.

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Metal Cats ~ and their Humans

I trust all of you had a Happy Christmas and that Santa Claws gave you lots of presents. I’ve been poring over one of my Xmas goodies:

Having a love of both Mëtal and Felines, this book is to me what catnip is to a kitten! All the cats (and their head-banging owners) are beautiful and more than a few resemble their owners. But I do have some favorites…

Don’t you love these two together? I’m not sure which one is more compelling.
I love the markings on Fred – and that chin! What a cool cat.

I have a fondness for the Cornish Rex breed. They are reminiscent of the Siamese in the shape of their head, large ears, and streamlined body; but instead of hair, they are covered in curly down and even have curly whiskers! (Jeff has a nice smile, too.)

It’s obvious why these two were chosen to grace the cover.
Jason’s mischievous good looks provide the perfect foil for Oliver’s grumpy-cat persona.

With this pair, it’s all about the luxuriant hair!

There were many black cats in the book, but this one has charisma
– a presence that reminds me of my Diego.

OK, I get more of an 80’s Glam Metal vibe here, Hollywood-style (Which you know I’M loving!)

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Three of Wands, The Hermit, and Seven of Swords

Another Trump…er Major Arcana card (The Hermit). To reiterate, when a Trump card shows up in a reading something important is going on. Life Lessons. The Universe is controlling things. However, you possess something called “free will” – which simply means that you still have a choice in how you want to act/react to what the Universe is throwing your way.

I usually take a few days to ruminate on these spreads, but I’m diving into this one after only 24 hours of the read. I will admit the message of this spread is not straightforward. So let’s take a look at it one-card-at-a-time:

The Three of Scepters (Wands):  Vision and creativity; new beginnings and horizons; Spring. This is also one of the cards tied to my astrological sign of Aries.

The Hermit embodies introspection, reflection, solitude and isolation. His appearance is saying we need to concentrate on our inner realm. The answers we seek reside there. There’s also a bit of the “lone wolf” (go your own way) symbolism in this card.

Mata Hari” is showing-up again:  Seven of Knives (Swords). (Many [if not most] of the pip cards in the suit of Swords can be a bit sinister, but I never really get that from them. I actually love the imagery on this card. Perhaps I’m letting my feelings “about” her get in the way of what this card is trying to tell me?) The key concepts surrounding the Seven of Knives (Swords) are:  Trust issues/lack of trust; self-deception; avoidance; a secret/something hidden; and intrigue/espionage/conspiracy. Like The Hermit, it also speaks of the “lone wolf”. (Or it might metaphorically indicate murder [noun – to punish severely or be very angry with].)

The last two cards “reinforce” themselves, so I will concentrate on their message of retreating (at least emotionally) from those around me so I can focus on my inner voice. That wisdom that uncovers truths, no matter how painful they may be. Any self-deceptions/illusions I uncover must be shattered to bits.

I am bringing home Diego‘s ashes today. The Three of Scepters hints that having him home will help me heal myself and feel Hope once again. It heralds a fresh start. I look forward to Spring and being inspired by all the life it awakens.

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Dubnation: Merry Christmas!

This has been a very rough season for the Golden State Warriors. They lost many seasoned players at the end of last year (Kevin Durant [Nets], Andre Iguodala [Grizzlies], Shaun Livingston [retired], Quinn Cook [Lakers], Jordan Bell [Timberwolves], DeMarcus Cousins [Lakers], Andrew Bogut [Sydney Kings], Alfonzo McKinnie [Cavaliers], Damian Jones [Hawks], Jonas Jerebko [Khimki]); and the Dubs began the 2019-2020 season with four of their key players out with injuries:  Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevon Looney, and Draymond Green. (Draymond Green was given the green light to play earlier in the season; the other three are still out indefinitely.) But they gained many new faces and have been doing a phenomenal job developing their younger players.

Prior to this evening’s game against the Houston Rockets they were 8-24.

But tonight they beat the Rockets 116-104 (at Chase Center) giving Dubnation the best Christmas present a fan could ask for!

My Votes for the 2020 NBA All-Star Game

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game will be aired on TNT February 16, 2020 at 8:00pm ET.

Cast your votes today!

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