There’s a crack in My World

My World being Diego. If you’ve been reading my Posts regularly, you know that we’ve been battling what we think is allergies. Last Wednesday he stopped eating. Again, presumably because he cannot SMELL his food. This continued into Thanksgiving, where I began force-feeding him wet food and administering fluids orally.

If you’re not familiar with Fatty Liver Disease in cats, not eating can quickly kill them. I’ve lost one cat to it, so I was particularly concerned with Diego not eating.

In spite of my care, he was not in great shape Friday morning. His eyes were still sunken and the area around his right eye remained swollen. In addition, when I picked him up there didn’t seem to be anything to him. He felt very limp in my hands. A quick call was made to his last vet, who was out of town through the weekend. Great. The message on their machine referred any “emergencies” to two places located in Sacramento. If I needed to leave Diego somewhere overnight I didn’t want it to be an hour away! Fortunately, another animal hospital in town was open and said they could see him at noon.

While Diego was being examined by Dr. Stephens I gave her the rundown on what’s been going on with him these last 18 months – and particularly this last week. The good news:  no fever, ears and throat clear, heart and respiration normal, and his teeth look great! She made a specific comment about most cats his age (16) having teeth issues. (Brushing them has paid off in spades!)

While she concurred that Diego definitely has allergies, there was something going on behind his right eye. I asked if he might have a sinus infection and while she said it was possible, it’s rare in cats. She brought up the word “tumor” which I did not want to hear. The only way we could determine if there was a tumor would be via x-ray – and even that can be inconclusive. The next step would be a CT scan…

Ultimately we decided to treat the issue as an infection. I was sent home with a 10-day supply of antibiotics and three days’ worth of pain killer. She also wanted me to keep force-feeding him (including special cat broth which I have on hand at all times) until he started eating on his own.

As of today,it appears the antibiotics are working. Thank god(dess). This weekend he started eating on his own. (Although his appetite still falls somewhat short…some is better than none.) BUT – and I was warned of this – the antibiotic caused “issues” with his stool. Issues made worse by the fact that Diego would try to “wipe his butt off” while in the litter box. The result:  emerging from the cat box with his backside covered in poo and litter. Sigh. Poor guy. (Like a dutiful Mom I’d clean him up, much to his chagrin.) Of course, this all transpired Saturday evening into Sunday when the vet was closed.

Another call to the vet was made, with probiotics prescribed and given. Looks like they might resolve his “poo-poo butt”. Meanwhile, we still have another five days to go with the antibiotics.

Stay tuned. We are not done with whatever this is…

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