Why Cats Make the Best Valemtimes

Today’s Post by Prince Ramses XII

  1. We’ll give you presemts all year lomg (amd umlike camdy, mice amd lizards wom’t make you fat).
  2. We arem’t allergic to cats.
  3. We dom’t care what you look like first thimg im the mormimg or if you’re havimg a “bad hair” day. (We mever judge.)
  4. We’re good listemers.
  5. We’ll protect you from all kimds of masty critters (like spiders) – evem the omes you cam’t see.
  6. We mever pretemd to be somethimg we’re mot.
  7. We’re always im the mood for chillim’ with a good chick flick. (Bomus if there’s a cat IM the chick flick.)
  8. We’re mever too tired to play with you amd we love a good cuddle-fest.
  9. We kmow how to make you laugh.
  10. We take the best selfies!

Happy V-Day!

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