Dream Journal (2.20.2020)

Before I get to the heart of this Post, I thought I’d open with a photo of Ramses chillin’ with his new “brother”.

I’ve been writing about my dreams here, but decided that it might be more fun to publish Posts on them…

I looked like (was?) Heather Locklear on a date (?) with some guy who looked a bit like Patrick Dempsey. We were just good friends. Other than holding hands, no other physical interaction took place. No kissing, hugging, sex, etc.

We were at an awards show/county fair/carnival. An odd combination all the way around. Nevertheless, I/Heather was participating in a variety of stunts/activities in order to win prizes (awards?); however, I don’t remember receiving any prizes/awards.

Some of my dreams make perfect sense. This one doesn’t, which probably means I need to look deeper.

“…the unconscious has the habit of borrowing images from the external situation and using those images to symbolize something that is going on inside the dreamer” – Carl Jung

Jung suggested that the people in dreams represent a certain trait, quality, or behavioral pattern in the dreamer. They are aspects of oneself. The environment in which the dream takes place might symbolize how the dreamer feels about themselves, a state of mind, or a goal your inner growth is moving toward.

This website states, “When you dream of a celebrity ask yourself whether you want greater recognition for something? Are you concerned your talents are going unrecognised?” (Not receiving a prize for my efforts may validate this concern.)

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