HP Phones Home

Before I get going with this Post let me share a comedic graphic I posted last month:

‘Kayso, anyone who’s had to deal with Microsoft’s updates will recognize the ironic humor in that. However, waiting 30 minutes (and counting) is absolutely ridiculous! This is what I experienced last night when shutting down my laptop – these days one has no recourse but to update (when there’s an update) before shutting down Windows. (To make matters worse [as you’ll see] I had selected “Update and Restart” instead of “Update and Shutdown”, but it was too late to do anything about it.) I did not want to stay up waiting for the update to load for who knows how long, so I threw something over the screen and went to bed.

3:30 this morning I got up to visit the loo. Back in bed and just starting to doze off, my laptop “came to life”. Suddenly the whole room was lit-up by its screen. I jumped out of bed to see what the hell was going on. (Surely Windows wasn’t still updating…)

HP was updating the BIOS. I always shut-down my computers at night so I’ve never seen this sort of thing before and was understandably concerned. Was my HP laptop reaching out to its Mothership or was this some sort of nefarious activity? By now I was fully awake. I decided to wait and see what transpired…

Apparently, it was just an update of the laptop’s BIOS. However, Microsoft changed some of my settings (quelle surprise) such as reverting my browser-of-choice (Firefox) to their piece-of-shit browser, changing some of my “Open with” settings, etc. Typical Microsoft shit.

By the time I reset everything to MY liking, there was no way I was going back to sleep – tossing and turning until Ramses woke me. (Sleeps through the night until 6:30am. The cat’s a fucking alarm clock.) I see a nap in my future…that is, if “the Prince” will allow me to take one.

(The fact that my laptop phoned home still perturbs me.)

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