VIXENS::Marie Fredriksson

n. an attractive or sexy woman; a femme fatale

As a self-crowned Rock Vixen, I reserve the right to establish the criteria for what is considered a Vixen. Whether Musician or “Video Babe”, she’s got to Rock – 80’s style! They may be eye candy to the guys, but to us gals these ladies influence (and inspire) us with their glamor, talent, style, and attitude.

Marie Fredriksson was a Swedish pop singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and painter best known internationally as the lead vocalist of pop rock duo Roxette, which she formed in 1986 with Per Gessle.

“Marie was born on the 30th of May 1958 in the south of Sweden, starting her musical career in nearby Halmstad where she became friends with future Roxette companion Per Gessle. Following a successful solo debut in 1984, Marie Fredriksson became one of Sweden’s most loved and successful artists. In 1986 she teamed up with Per in Roxette with the ambition to reach outside Sweden, and together they started a historical journey that in the coming years would make them one of the biggest pop acts in the world.”

I first saw Marie in the video for Roxette’s “The Look” (1989) (One of my favorite workout songs.) and man, was she so much cooler than any of the other women in that video! Normally I lean toward long hair, but I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED her look. THE LOOK.

She and Per are probably best known for “It Must Have Been Love” (1987) which was featured in the movie Pretty Woman (1990).

Marie Fredriksson passed away last December after a long battle with cancer. Gone but never forgotten, she remains one of the coolest, sexiest, and talented VIXENS ever.

Marie Fredriksson
Daily Roxette

Listen to Your Heart (1988)

Joyride (1991)

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