Gallerie::Animal Outreach (2.25.2020)

Animal Outreach of the Motherlode is a non-profit, no-kill shelter for cats. It’s located just outside of Placerville in Diamond Springs, CA; and I am very happy to be a part of their volunteer staff! The facility is wonderful and the “cattery” is a bright, open space with plenty of spaces to climb to, to hide away for a quick nap, or to just play around in.

Since I adopted Ramses, I’ve made it a habit to visit the cats in our quarantine area (before hitting The Cattery). This area is where newly-received felines go before being released for adoption. They receive physical evaluations, given shots, microchipped, and neutered/spayed (if necessary). It allows me to get acquainted with cats BEFORE interacting with them in the main area, but Animal Outreach does such a good job of finding Forever Homes that I frequently miss the timeframe between when a cat moves from quarantine to The Cattery before they get adopted!

These photos were taken from 2.4.2020 to 2.25.2020.


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