Gallerie::Animal Outreach (3.17.2020)

Animal Outreach of the Motherlode is a non-profit, no-kill shelter for cats. It’s located just outside of Placerville in Diamond Springs, CA; and I am very happy to be a part of their volunteer staff! The facility is wonderful and the “cattery” is a bright, open space with plenty of spaces to climb to, to hide away for a quick nap, or to just play around in.

Yesterday I watched a prospective Parent pick-up a cat she and her husband were interested in. She just went for it! When I left, the three of them were looking pretty snug together, too. I like to take the “wait and see approach”, preferring the cat come to me – even if we’re talking kittens. However, there are many approaches one can take when introducing yourself to a cat for the very first time; and apart from handling the animal in a rough or aggressive manner, there is no “wrong way”.

Some cats don’t mind being picked-up and handled while others will object to such nonsense, preferring to sit quietly by your side. Cats will normally make their preferences known. Some may hiss or swipe at you. Some may just wriggle out of your grasp. Some will go limp in your arms and purr loudly, their eyes half-closed in a state of pure (purr?) bliss. Here’s what I look for:

Finally, introduce yourself in a calm, confident manner. Cats, like most animals, pick-up on the vibes around them.

These photos were taken from 3.3.2020 to 3.17.2020.


Achoo, BinkBink, and Babushka are siblings that we born feral and half-starved. They are still shy of new people, but if you take your time with them you’ll find they’re all big, sweet, lovebugs! They would do great adopted together or in pairs and would also tolerate other furry “siblings”. List of attributes noted by their Rescuers:  Playful, goofy, likes being held, comes when called, feisty/instigator, social/outgoing, hunts successfully, uses scratching post.


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