Comedy in Place

Got a message from my favorite Engineer-turned-Über-Comedian, Don McMillan, announcing his “Comedy Show from Home”.

Good Afternoon!
The office of the CCO (Chief Comedy Officer) has a little comedy to help you get through the Day with a Laugh.

Don McMillan’s Comedy Show from Home

I’m “Sheltered in Place” so I’m introducing “Comedy in Place”! Just because we are “Sheltered in Place” doesn’t mean we can’t “Laugh in Place”! We need to laugh NOW more than EVER! Hopefully, I can help with that.

My plan is to post a video (almost) every day with one joke from my comedy notebooks that I hope is funny (since I can’t hear you laugh) AND a clip from a LIVE show (which I’m pretty sure is funny because people are laughing on the video). In either case, I hope I can supply some laughs to help you get through all the challenges we are facing right now. As my Mom always said, “This too shall pass.”

Click HERE or on the image below to check it out today’s video…

PLEASE SHARE! We ALL need laughs!

“Social Distancing?”, piece of cake.
We Engineers have been doing that for years.

Be Well. Be Safe. Keep Laughing,

Don McMillan
Your CCO (Chief Comedy Officer)

Don McMillan’s YouTube Channel (don’t miss a single episode of Comedy in Place!)

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