Dream Journal (3.29.2020)

I’ve been writing about my dreams here, but decided that it might be more fun to publish Posts on them. Although I probably dream every night, I don’t remember every one. Instead of doing one Post per every dream I DO remember, I figured one Post with numerous dreams would be more practical.

These dreams took place from 3.3.2020 to 3.29.2020.

  1. Office workplace. I am a Secretary or Administrative Assistant, something like that. Brad Pitt was the “big boss”, either of the department I worked in or the company. I was working on a “pitch” (Did I work in Marketing?) whose storyline incorporated portions of Interview with the Vampire (Brad Pitt starred in the movie.) At one point, the boss (Pitt) put a credit card in front of me on my desk. It had no name and no number. It was thick and of a metallic gold color. He told me to buy myself something. I don’t know if it was a special day (Valentine’s Day, Secretary’s Day?) or a gesture for a job well done.

    Since I’m no longer working in an office environment, dreaming of working in one (and I have these dreams frequently) probably means I miss it. Miss doing something significant with my time and providing some sort of valuable service. A sign of intense boredom in my waking life. Credit cards are generally associated with one’s worth, value and credibility. (The vampire-related stuff is just fluff.)
  2. I was walking on a busy street. It was daytime. I noticed two young guys seemingly following me. They were not menacing in any way and I did not feel threatened, just annoyed. They followed me into some sort of 7-Eleven store, but this one sold some high-end items such as the perfume I wear. The two guys had followed me into this store and were just milling about. Again, not threatening just annoying. I took the bottle of perfume to the cashier/proprietor who turned out to be the (former) Manager of the apartment complex I lived in in Santa Clara:  Rose. (Note:  Rose passed away many years ago. She was a wonderful lady. Pretty. Vivacious. Many were very sad to see her go.)

    All women in dreams are a reflection of the dreamer. Again, Rose was a beautiful vibrant lady so perhaps I WAS feeling good about myself. Or it could mean that I don’t feel as vibrant and sexy in my waking life, which is more probable – especially given that two young and attractive guys were tailing me in the dream (Wanting to be seen as still desirable?) and I was buying my favorite perfume.
  3. Cat dream (Dreams about a workplace runs second to dreams about cats. I have MANY dream about cats. Quelle surprise.) Many cats all around me. Different colors and coats – except for one. He was a very large, muscular grey tabby-like feline with semi-long fur. More like a bobcat, but in domestic form.

    Cats in dreams symbolize an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. Freud and Jung have associated dreams of cats with our hidden subconscious mind. To see a large group of cats gathered in your dream illustrates that there is something wrong in life you cannot put your finger on it. It is basically a dream where you are trying to gain the wisdom that you need in order to progress in life. Freud and Jung have associated dreams of cats with our hidden subconscious mind. The cat in women’s dreams usually represents how the woman views herself. This personal perception includes not only how the woman thinks of herself physically but, also, how she relates to her intuition and creativity. Finally, a large group of cats can often symbolize that “there is so much going on in your life that you are losing sight of what’s important.”
  4. I was shopping for a Halloween party. Liquor, costumes, decorations, etc.

    Again, I think this has more to do with my being fucking bored out of my mind than anything else. (I remember the days when I LOVED to entertain…)
  5. Another party dream. This one morphed from planning a small wedding to planning a large picnic (200+ people).

    See #4, above…
  6. It was my birthday. I was out with several girl friends. They had this skirt which constricted when one “belly danced” wearing it. They all thought it would be great fun to have me wear it while belly dancing. I got really pissed off about the whole thing and left the party in anger.

    Once again, women in dreams are a reflection of the dreamer. Dreaming of being angry can symbolize that you are actually angry with someone in your waking life. (Myself?) Anger, if not expressed appropriately in waking life, will often show up in our dreams. A dream about anger may symbolize frustrations or disappointments in yourself or some aspect of waking life. You may be angry at or blaming yourself for negative outcomes and experiences that you are not consciously acknowledging. These repressed negative emotions may than appear in your dreams as anger.

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