5-Day Makeover Challenge

No, this wasn’t a beauty, lifestyle, or fashion makeover challenge. It was a 5-Day Tarot Reading Makeover Challenge (March 27-31, 2020) hosted by Biddy Tarot. I’ve participated in Biddy Tarot’s online workshops before so I signed-up for the Challenge. (Because learning stuff and acquiring new skills is FUN!)

The team at Biddy Tarot provided a downloadable workbook so one can record their answers to each day’s assigned activities. The team also encouraged participants to share their responses on BT’s Facebook and Instagram pages. This created a bit of a problem for me because I’m not a member of either – nor do I want to be. The next best solution was to record my experiences and insights in a Post. So with trusty Tarot deck in hand and Ramses supervising, I dove right in. (My responses are in the black boxes.)


Think about a Tarot reading that went really well. What were you doing and who were you being that made it such a positive and enlightening experience?

I asked the Universe what should I do with all the feelings and emotions regarding a specific situation. I instructed the deck that all reversed cards would be read as upright, would draw three cards, said my usual “Tell me a story”, then gave myself up to the cards.

Who are you as a Tarot reader? What are your unique gifts and talents that you can incorporate into your Tarot readings and that will empower you and your clients?

Although I’ve done a few readings for others, most are for myself. Sometimes I have a specific question in mind, but most of the time I just ask the cards to “Tell me a story” and go from there. And I find I may “feel” a different interpretation from the same card, depending upon what’s going on with me at the time of the reading. I guess this would be my intuition at work – going with the flow of what the Universe is showing me at that particular point in time.


How do you want your sacred space to look and feel like?

It looks and feels like my desk. I love my desk. I love being AT my desk. I have my plants and urns of two dear cats nearby. It’s the only place that’s 100% ME in this house. It’s where I live and breathe.

And I love when my cat, Ramses, sprawls out ON my desk and settles down for a nap. I can reach right out and pet him. I always clear my Tarot deck using either Copal or Dragon’s Blood, and he’s very interested in the incense I burn.

Go ahead and create your sacred space. Then, ask a question and pull a card and interpret the message. What did you experience?

With the Major Arcana, you must deal with the situation at hand and that situation will deal with you any way it pleases. The people in your life that you are concerned about can take care of themselves. They know you are here if they need you.

Do not let obstacles divert you from your goals. You can see your target, make sure your aim is true.

Drawing The Chariot may also mean a trip or move is in the future.


Brainstorm five powerful, choice-based questions that you could ask the Tarot.

What should I be focusing on right now?

How do I continue getting to know myself?

How can I more effectively deal with the challenges facing me?

Where should I channel my energies at present?

What’s the best way for me to channel my creative energies right now?

Choose one of your powerful questions and draw a Tarot card to answer the question.

How should I channel my energies today?


Alchemy. Willful transformation. Absolute belief in one’s creative skills. A powerful and dynamic Archetype. Unstoppable.

The Magician’s power is the ability to harness his mind, using it to transform anything into whatever He wishes it to be. Mercury’s energy is behind this card. Astrologically Mercury represents communication, a quick mind, and patterns of thinking.

To quote Biddy Tarot:  “The Major Arcana Tarot cards represent the life lessons, karmic influences and the big archetypal themes that are influencing your life…”

What was your experience and what did you discover?

These last 2-1/2 years I find the outlets for my creativity have dwindled to just one: Writing and publishing on my website subjects of interest. It’s also my only means of communication with people. Instead of lamenting the lack of stimulation in my life, I need to use this powerful tool I call my intellect and continue writing – this time WITH PURPOSE.


Ask a powerful question, pull 3 Tarot cards, and tell the story.


How can I live to my fullest potential?



Aces are “Controlling Cards” which indicate new beginnings and show the path you are headed towards. Although from different suits, the Queen and Ace share similar, muted colors.

Queen of Pentacles is Mother Earth; she is calm, practical, hard-working, and healing. Pentacles involve anything in the material realm. She is also a Healer.

The Ace of Swords is the very essence of thought. Clarity and absolute of knowing. Cutting through confusion. Seeing things as they really are.

The Nine of Wands signifies great inner strength, determination, and discipline. Never giving up. Standing your ground.

What was your experience and what did you discover?

The Queen of Pentacles comes to me as a Healer. I have neglected to nourish and heal myself and have become enmeshed in the emotional turmoil that surrounds me. It has knocked me off my moorings. There is a need for me to create more calm and stability by grounding myself. Once grounded, I will gain clarity and insight via the Ace of Swords. With it I will cut to the heart of a situation or problem and see the Truth. The Ace holds the key to turning things around and getting back on track with my life. With the Ace, the Nine of Wands indicates great victory against all odds. The Nine of Wands has shown up many times for me in the last few months to keep reminding me not to give up. Stand my ground.

In order to live up to my potential and become the person I want to be I need to ground myself, focus (put a stop to all the insidious distractions), work hard, and persevere.

And you never can tell just how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit
– It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

John Greenleaf Whittier


I did not do Day 5’s exercise.

It’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice!

Find a partner and do a Tarot reading for them, integrating what you have learned so far.

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