The Moon, The Priestess, and the Seven of Swords

Whether we know it or not, our lives are acts of imagination
and the world is continually re-imagined through us.

– Michael Meade

Given that yesterday marked a New Moon phase, it’s certainly appropriate that all three cards here are tied to the moon. Notice that it is represented in each card:

This spread is all about intution, the unconscious, secrets, that which is hidden, psychic powers, and the occult.

The Moon represents our fears, illusions, the unconscious, imagination, dreams/nightmares, and occult knowledge. It may be an omen of something mysterious, illusive, or intagible – such as hidden messages and/or psychic abilities. The Moon can give rise to creative fantasies and deceptive illusions. “In her hand the bride holds a blood-stained sickle, its Moon-shaped blade a symbol of dark intrigue.” [1] (Cutting through illusions?)

Astrologically, The Priestess is tied to Cancer (which is ruled by the moon) and the 4th House (home, emotional well-being, family, and feeling “safe”). She is the doorway to our intuition, asking us to look beyond what’s on the surface; beyond the obvious. (As Cancer rules the gut, pay close attention to “gut feelings”.) Signs, dreams, and synchronicities may all play a part in unlocking that door behind which resides a hidden secret. Occult powers may be highlighted.

Together these two Major Arcana cards indicate that there’s more for us to know,
but not right now. All will be revealed in good time.

I love the Seven of Knives (Swords). My Mata Hari. She is tied to the moon in the sign of Aquarius. Here’s where her “Mata Hari” side comes in:  The Seven of Knives speaks of deception, deceit, and intrigue. She also hides a secret or surprise, and may presage a premonition. The card may also represent energy-draining people or situations. Hidden motives may be at play.

Again, Major Arcana cards (The Moon and The Priestess) constitute life lessons. The Universe is calling the shots and there’s not a thing we can do about it. The effect of Major Arcana cards can last a long time. The Minor Arcana (Seven of Swords) offer us more in terms of free will. We have options.

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[1] Daniels, Ian (2010). Phantasmagoria. Llewellyn Publications. p. 137.

New Moon (4.22.2020): Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Happy Earth Day!

During the first phase of its 29½-day lunar cycle the Moon appears invisible to us because it’s positioned between Earth and the Sun. Additionally, because the Moon is so close to the Sun none of the side FACING Earth is illuminated – thus it “disappears” in the sky.

Today’s New Moon is sextile Saturn. While the Moon deals with emotions and intuition, Saturn represents structure and discipline. Saturn is the “Task Master”. During this New Moon you may want to focus on practical matters and completing serious or difficult tasks. Any emerging feelings at this time will allow you to build upon new foundations.

This New Moon is also conjunct Chiron (The Healer). Your deepest wounds – both physical and emotional – will be exposed. Old wounds may resurface. It’s important you don’t hold onto this pain and internalize it, and be alert to any urges to react negatively to the pain by turning your anger against yourself and others.

Finally, today’s New Moon is square the Nodes of the Moons. Karmic crossroads. Feeling torn between the past and the future. Negative behavior patterns may rear their ugly heads and old wounds may surface. You may be feeling confused, not knowing which path to take. What’s holding you back from realizing your destiny? Pay attention to your intuition and dreams.

When you “know what you mean but you can’t say it,”
it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can’t say it.
“Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears”
are the thoughts of your Moon’s nature.

– Grant Lewis (Astrology for the Millions)

Just as the Full Moon signals closure the New Moon opens a door, inviting change into your life. It marks the end of one cycle and the start of a new one. Considered a “growth phase”, farmers have routinely planted seeds during the New Moon. Why not plant some “seeds” of your own? The New Moon phase is perfect for setting your intention(s) in motion for the coming month. A simple but powerful way to do this is by simply asking the Universe for what you want.

Write down your wishes and desires – in your relationships, career, creative projects, spiritual growth, etc. Be as specific as you can. Take at least 5 minutes to meditate on what you’ve written down, visualizing your desires becoming reality. Do this each day for the next few days focusing on your goals with purpose and intent. Meditate on how you intend to make it all happen. The strength of the New Moon’s energy lasts for about ten days, decreasing with each passing day, so it’s important you engage with the power of this energy in the first 48 hours of its arrival.

Be careful what you wish for because the “seeds” planted during a New Moon phase will germinate and take hold.

Note:  You may want to conduct your meditation rituals during non-Void of Course Moon times.
Void of Course Moon calendar for 2020 (printable PDF file).

The New Moon phase would be an effective time to do self-growth work as, astrologically, the Moon is ruled by Cancer which represents our instincts, imagination, intuition, and unconscious. In Tarot, The Moon represents one’s fears, illusions, unconscious, imagination, dreams/nightmares, and occult knowledge.

More information on New Moon rituals:
Ashley Neese
Soulshine Astrology

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Co – Star

I am not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics on this site. The views and opinions expressed herein are purely my own. If I claim or appear to be an expert on a certain topic, product, or service, I will only endorse products/services that I believe (based on my expertise) are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

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The Co-Star website states:
“Most horoscopes ask what month you were born. Co–Star asks what minute.
Powered by AI that merges NASA data with the insight of human astrologers.”

Indeed. After taking a look at what users had to say, I downloaded the app and have been using it for a week now. It provides the kind of in-depth information you would get from a personal astrologer. After inputting my date, time, and place of birth Co-Star provided an overview complete with chart of my houses. (I’d done a chart of my own many years ago and theirs coincides with mine.)

The main screen (above) provides a link to the next one.
Scrolling down this screen will give you more information about each planet
and the specifics of its astrological placement:

For example, my Ascendant is in Sagittarius and this is what Co-Star has to say about that:

Your ascendant is the “mask” you present to people. It can be seen in your personal style and how you come off to people when you first meet. Some say it becomes less relevant as you get older…Your Ascendant is in Sagittarius, meaning you come across as independent, optimistic, and confident, though sometimes overly blunt or critical.

Generally a charming conversationalist, your free-spirited approach may come off as restless or easily bored.

Go back to the main screen to access the link to your personal daily horoscrope:

Each underlined word (or phrase) is a link providing details.
For instance, clicking on the word “self” brings up this screen:

At the bottom of the screen above you’ll see TRANSITS.
When I created the screenshot this portion was cut-off.
Here’s what this section looks like:

This screen provides all the transits happening that day which may affect me.
What transit is happening today that affects “MOOD ALLOWING FOR GROWTH“?
Let’s click on DETAILS and find out!

What I especially like about the information above is how it translates
how (and why) the transit directly affects me – in this case, the moon.

All in all, Co-Star is a pretty powerful tool. If you want to gain more insight into transits, sextiles, nodes, and such this is a good place to start. I refer to it every day now. It’s one-stop-shopping for Astrology buffs! And IT’S FREE!

You can download directly from the Co-Star website or from the App Store app.

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Shattered Glass and Broken Bones*

CRASHDÏET was formed in 2000 and produced two albums:  Rest in Sleaze (2005, with singer Dave Lepard) and The Unattractive Revolution (2007, with H. Oliver Twisted on vocals) prior to releasing Generation Wild in 2010 which featured (yet another) singer, Simon Cruz.

I was late in discovering this Swedish glam metal band and have since become totally enamored with them.

Generation Wild is a nod to all the bands I loved (and still love) from the 80’s:  Mötley Crüe, Hanoi Rocks, Dokken, Ratt, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Europe, and Skid Row. Since downloading on Monday I’ve been listening to it non-stop on my Power Walks and cannot say enough great things about it.

Showing great range and versatility, CRASHDÏET couldn’t have picked a better vocalist than Simon Cruz. The whole band does an incredible job of taking us back to that Decade of Decadence. The 80’s.

I regard CRASHDÏET as an original band with their hearts and souls firmly entrenched in LA-based Hair Metal sound. Kudos to them! Any references to other bands are made with regard to the “flavor” of the songs. The music and vocals truly belong to CRASHDÏET. With that said, here’s my take on Generation Wild:

  1. 442
    A short instrumental. Sets the tone for the whole shebang.
  2. Armageddon
    Driving beat with a large sound reminiscent of Europe.
  3. So Alive
    A little faster than the previous song, it’s great for Power-Walking. The rhythm and guitars remind me a bit of Ratt.
  4. Generation Wild
    This is the song/video that served as my introduction to CRASHDÏET.
  5. Rebel
    Perfect for driving at breakneck speed (or running). Many of the songs on the album show a Skid Row influence – like Rebel. (I read somewhere that the band absolutely loves Skid Row, so this comes as no surprise!) A touch of Hanoi Rocks style of punk rock, as well.
  6. Save Her
    Evokes I Remember You by Skid Row. Cruz’s vocals are emotionally powerful. This one grew on me.
  7. Down With the Dust
    Another fast, hard-driving song. Beautiful dueling guitars.
  8. Native Nature
    Aaah, this one’s definitely got Skid Row all over it – with a bit of Mötley Crüe thrown in for good measure. Transitioning from low growl to clear highs and back again is a walk in the park for Cruz.
  9. Chemical
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! It’s my new favorite song EVER. A little pop-metal à la Pretty Boy Floyd – but I dare you to resist it. It’s got hooks sharper than a Saracen blade. (The last incline I take is very long and very steep and I used to just plow my way up. Now I tune into Chemical and when that chorus kicks in sprint the rest of the way!)
  10. All I need is another hit, yeah
    One last fix to keep the blues at bay
    All I need is another kick just
    One last kiss of death then I’ll be on my way

  11. Bound to Fall
    This one reminded me of Dokken (It’s Not Love). Nice bass. Don’t miss the acoustic bit at the end of this video:
  12. Beautiful Pain
    I’ll admit I’m not especially fond of ballads, but here you go. Snaps for the pretty guitar work.

CRASHDÏET has that fucking cooler-than-shit sleaze-metal look, too! Straight out of L.A.
(If only it wasn’t so COLD in Sweden…)

* From their single Generation Wild

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