New Moon (4.22.2020): Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Happy Earth Day!

During the first phase of its 29½-day lunar cycle the Moon appears invisible to us because it’s positioned between Earth and the Sun. Additionally, because the Moon is so close to the Sun none of the side FACING Earth is illuminated – thus it “disappears” in the sky.

Today’s New Moon is sextile Saturn. While the Moon deals with emotions and intuition, Saturn represents structure and discipline. Saturn is the “Task Master”. During this New Moon you may want to focus on practical matters and completing serious or difficult tasks. Any emerging feelings at this time will allow you to build upon new foundations.

This New Moon is also conjunct Chiron (The Healer). Your deepest wounds – both physical and emotional – will be exposed. Old wounds may resurface. It’s important you don’t hold onto this pain and internalize it, and be alert to any urges to react negatively to the pain by turning your anger against yourself and others.

Finally, today’s New Moon is square the Nodes of the Moons. Karmic crossroads. Feeling torn between the past and the future. Negative behavior patterns may rear their ugly heads and old wounds may surface. You may be feeling confused, not knowing which path to take. What’s holding you back from realizing your destiny? Pay attention to your intuition and dreams.

When you “know what you mean but you can’t say it,”
it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can’t say it.
“Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears”
are the thoughts of your Moon’s nature.

– Grant Lewis (Astrology for the Millions)

Just as the Full Moon signals closure the New Moon opens a door, inviting change into your life. It marks the end of one cycle and the start of a new one. Considered a “growth phase”, farmers have routinely planted seeds during the New Moon. Why not plant some “seeds” of your own? The New Moon phase is perfect for setting your intention(s) in motion for the coming month. A simple but powerful way to do this is by simply asking the Universe for what you want.

Write down your wishes and desires – in your relationships, career, creative projects, spiritual growth, etc. Be as specific as you can. Take at least 5 minutes to meditate on what you’ve written down, visualizing your desires becoming reality. Do this each day for the next few days focusing on your goals with purpose and intent. Meditate on how you intend to make it all happen. The strength of the New Moon’s energy lasts for about ten days, decreasing with each passing day, so it’s important you engage with the power of this energy in the first 48 hours of its arrival.

Be careful what you wish for because the “seeds” planted during a New Moon phase will germinate and take hold.

Note:  You may want to conduct your meditation rituals during non-Void of Course Moon times.
Void of Course Moon calendar for 2020 (printable PDF file).

The New Moon phase would be an effective time to do self-growth work as, astrologically, the Moon is ruled by Cancer which represents our instincts, imagination, intuition, and unconscious. In Tarot, The Moon represents one’s fears, illusions, unconscious, imagination, dreams/nightmares, and occult knowledge.

More information on New Moon rituals:
Ashley Neese
Soulshine Astrology

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