Back Home in Santa Clara ~ Part 2

Although there are still boxes left to unpack, it was nice to have more furniture in the space (bare-bones photos here). The first thing that went in was my desk and chair (Zelda). It’s starting to look (and feel) like “home”:

As you can see in the first photo Ramses has already made himself at home (AND broke the shade on my lamp…).

Part 3 will be posted soon – which will include my assembling a new chest of drawers ordered from

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June 24, 2020 ~ 3:00 AM

It was one of those nights. I had fallen asleep too early and woke-up around 1:30 this morning. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I turned on the light and read (The Best in the World by Chris Jericho). Ramses was slower to wake. We were both chillin’ in bed when he rushed to the open window. I knew something was afoot so I quietly tip-toed to his side and peered out the window.

Raccoons. Mother and at least four babies. They were milling around the doorsteps of the surrounding townhomes and rooting through the ivy. Ramses was entranced. I uttered a quiet “Psst” – which got the Mom’s attention. Her body language must have conveyed DANGER to her little ones because the next thing we knew all four babies had climbed up the tree outside the window (the one that serves as a critter highway and provides hours of entertainment as we observe squirrels and birds cavorting in its branches) and huddled together on one of its larger branches. Mom kept her eyes on us.

I thought about snapping a photo, but since I would’ve had to use the flash I was concerned I might wake the neighbor slumbering in the bedroom on the other side of the tree. Maybe next time.

After about five minutes I heard a growl-clicking sound. This odd noise most certainly came from Mama Raccoon because, one by one, her brood clambored backwards down the tree and all five disappeared into the ivy.

“You don’t ever want to mess with those critters,” I cautioned Ramses. Indeed.

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Back Home in Santa Clara ~ Part 1

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Post. I’ve been busy. Packing-up the POD and moving back down to my Home in Santa Clara, CA. You can see Ramses was ready to be packed into his carrier for the journey southward:

Since arriving May 30th I’ve been getting re-acquainted with the neighborhood (and a few changes) – and taking luxurious baths once again. The POD arrived at a friend’s house yesterday and today is “moving day” (technically). I’ve been living a bare-bones existence in my ensuite bedroom, and am especially missing my desk and zebra chair (Zelda). Although Ramses has made himself at home…

Once I get things fixed-up I’ll post pictures of the “after” shots.

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