New Moon (7.20.2020): Setting Intentions

New Moons have become sacred to me. I mark their passage with hope – knowing that whatever intentions I set will bear fruit. They are a time of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings.

During the first phase of its 29½-day lunar cycle (New Moon) the Moon appears invisible to us because it’s positioned between Earth and the Sun. Additionally, because the Moon is so close to the Sun none of the side FACING Earth is illuminated – thus it “disappears” in the sky.

Astrology Cafe

Today’s New Moon brings a strong focus on home and family, dear Aries. It’s the second New Moon to occur in this area of your solar chart this year, which doesn’t happen often. Unusual or previously buried desires can emerge that spur you to find new ways to express yourself on the domestic front. You might break free from the past in some way, particularly on emotional levels and having to do with your home or family life. Situations that have been holding you back can be put behind you. It’s a time of special attention to your domestic world, sense of safety and feeling of belonging, understanding your roots, and matters of intimacy and vulnerability. You’re coming in touch with basic feelings and needs that you may have overlooked. You’re improving your living conditions and arrangements. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn also occurs today. A new, more realistic look at your work-home balance is necessary now. There can be quite a pull to follow the rules and to achieve your goals and ambitions, but you are also craving family and home time. Remind yourself that you gain strength as you humble yourself to certain realities. Taking a second look at personal plans can be useful now.

Astrologically, the Moon is ruled by Cancer and symbolizes the world of dreams, unconscious feelings, and strong emotions. Cancers are nurturing, sensitive, caregivers with a thin-skinned temperament. Any slight (deliberate or otherwise) can cause them to retreat into their shells. Today’s New Moon is in Cancer which means we may want to focus more on our emotions, feelings, and powers of intuitions. However…

Today’s New Moon is also opposite Saturn. While the Moon deals with emotions and intuition, Saturn represents structure and discipline. With Saturn being the “Task Master” we may feel restricted or restless. As with April 22nd New Moon (which was sextile Saturn), focus on practical matters. Since Cancers are homebodies, make use of Saturn’s energies to de-clutter (‘Clean Sweep’ away unwanted items and donate them to your favorite thrift store.) and organize your space. Create a positive environment for yourself with plants, candles, diffusers – whatever makes you feel wonderful. Nurture yourself and those you love. (Yes, that includes your furbabies!)

My New Moon ritual involved setting my intentions for the next month via an “abundance check”, something NEW (How very appropos!) for me. If you haven’t heard of that phrase before read this gal’s Post and be sure to check-out “Creating Law of Attraction Abundance Checks”.

Additionally, I asked The Universe to release someone from my life. This is a positive way to rid yourself of a relationship that no longer serves you. If you’re unfamiliar with the ritual you can find examples online. (Mine involved a piece of paper and a match.) What’s extraordinary is that I pulled ONE TAROT CARD afterward – representing my life at the start of this New Moon – and I drew the Knight of Wands. The same card which had always represented the person I now asked the Universe to be rid of.

Aaah, don’t you just love synchronicities!!!!

And if all this wasn’t enough to digest, how ’bout that comet NEOWISE?

Astrology King

Comet NEOWISE opposite Saturn signifies restriction, contraction, delays, boundaries, isolation, worry, depression, trade losses, unemployment, infirmity, and poverty. It puts pressure on governments, leaders and corporations. It forces you to be responsible, patient, practical, economical, loyal, respectful of tradition, and also to look after older people.

The arrival of this comet has coincided with a great upheaval for humanity and the biggest restrictions for generations with the coronavirus pandemic (declared on March 11)…It urges you to be strong, brave, and to use your initiative and take the lead.

Be strong and sure, dear Readers. Don’t live your lives in fear. Nurture yourselves and the world around you.

“The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.”
– Winston Churchill

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