Edible Delights::A light lunch and evening snack

I’ve mentioned before that I love salads. They are so versatile and (like soups) can make use of leftovers you have in your fridge. I’ve put everything from fruit, steamed vegetables, and cooked beans on mine.

I’ve heard it said that “You eat with your eyes first.” so I approach salad-making creatively…like painting a picture with edibles! Maybe more like a collage, but you get the idea.

Yesterday’s lunch was a simple salad of mixed baby greens, scallions, 1/2 of an avocado, and a handful of croutons for crunch. My go-to dressing is 1 Tbl EVOO mixed with a little balsamic vinegar (to taste). I like to coat the greens with the EVOO first, then add the vinegar and toss again. The greens go on the plate then I dress them up with whatever else I’m adding. A sprinkle of salt and pepper on top – and in this case a bit of Tajin seasoning – and Bon Appétit!

Getting psyched for last night’s AEW Dynamite show, I sat down with a glass of white wine and decided I was a bit hungry. (I had just finished my daily workout.) But I wasn’t in the mood for a meal. I don’t like to eat in the evening anyway, preferring to consume my calories during the day. What I wanted was a snack.

Hmmm, scanning the fridge I grabbed the other half of the avocado, a handful of strawberries, and some goat cheese. A sprinkle of my new favorite seasoning (Tajin) on the avocado and I was ready for wrestling!! The perfect “de-constructed” salad. Light yet satisfying. It was de-lish.

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