In the Kitchen…Spiralizing

Because of the skin problems I’ve been dealing with these past few years (It appears the worst outbreaks, which were always on my back, are caused by psoriasis.) I’ve been reading and researching the various causes of said skin problems. Inflammation and stress were two that seemed to make the list most often. In a previous Post I mentioned Dr. Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox, which discusses the connection between gut health (leaky gut), inflammation, etc. and inflammation in the body. Dr. Gundry cites many examples of patient successes, but there was one that stuck in my mind. I forget what diseases/ailments the woman was suffering from but after adhering to his diet all her issues had disappeared. On a trip to visit relatives in Europe (I want to say Italy, but it could’ve been Spain or Portugal) she “fell off the wagon” and consumed bread. Her problems did not resurface. Hooray, she was cured! Or so she thought…returning to the US she added bread back to her diet (assuming her body was not going to react adversely) and WHAM! All the symptoms she had suffered before going on the Gundry diet resurfaced. You see, the two differences in the wheat grown here versus Europe is (1) Most of the wheat grown in the US a hard red wheat variety and is higher in gluten than that of the soft wheat grown in Europe and (2) the heavy use of pesticides and GMO seeds here in the US (which are both heavily regulated if not banned in most European countries). Needless to say, once the woman cut out wheat her ailments once again disappeared.

While I don’t strictly follow a diet bereft of grains and veggies from the nightshade family (which includes tomatoes – bring on the Heirloom Tomato Salad – and potatoes), I have cut way back on bread, pasta, and potatoes and allow myself occasional indulgences. For a complete run-down on what to avoid I urge you to read The Plant Paradox and/or the companion book, The Plant Paradox Cookbook. Both should be available at your local library.

On of the suggestions, Dr. Gundry mentioned was using a spiralizer to create “noodles” from veggies! Brilliant. So I purchased one, bought the largest zucchini I could find, and put it to use.

After cooking the Zucchini Linguini in a bit of EVOO I tossed it with some leftover pasta sauce, and sprinkled Parmesan on top. It was heavenly. My favorite thing:  I didn’t feel weighed-down or in need of a nap like I normally do after eating pasta. Carrot spirals are next…great on top of salads.

This gadget should definitely be included in your kitchen toolbox.

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