A Lightshow – courtesy of Mother Nature

Out here in Northern California we’re having a bit of a heat wave (not terribly unusual this time of year) that’s supposed to last well into next week. PG&E started rolling blackouts on Friday. Lucky for us in that we are linked to Silicon Valley Power. (Yep, Santa Clara has its own utilities. BWAHAHAHAH Helluva lot cheaper too!) It’s also been very muggy which makes the air feel thick. My Mom would’ve called this “earthquake weather”.

Like I said, we usually experience at least one heat wave during the summer, but last night brought something we Californians rarely see:  A summer thunderstorm. Low, growly, rolling thunder woke us (Ramses and me) at 3:00 this morning. This “rolling thunder” was another unique occurrence as I’m used to hearing sharp thunderous claps. Then the lightshow began and went on continuously for two hours. Some bolts were preceded by claps and others by rolling thunder. The lightning that transpired BEHIND the cloud cover looked like strobe lights going off and on. Ramses sat in the open window taking it all in while I lounged in bed amazed by the sight.

There was one point where the lightning was raining down one after another. Down the street I could hear neighbors hooping and hollering at the spectacle. Joyfully celebrating the wonder of Mother Nature (or something similar). I almost thought about putting on some clothes and joining them.

Instead I decided to capture it all on video and this was how it went…If any of you live with a cat (or have lived with a cat) you are probably familiar with their habit of striking a pose – which they hold while you go fetch your camera (or in my case an iPod) – only to move away just as you’re about to capture the shot. (Let me add that Diego was the perfect model and patiently held still while I snapped his picture.) THAT’S how this storm acted. There I was during the height of its activity, holding my iPod with video recording. Waiting. And waiting. Still more waiting. So I stop the recording and BLAM…lightning strikes. DAMN. I try again. Same thing happens. Arrgh. I try again, and again until I finally got a sharp bolt lighting up the night sky:

I’m not fond of the cold and I ABSOLUTELY HATE SNOW, but I don’t mind a temperate shower or two. It smells beautiful and there’s a certain electricity in the air which I adore. I also love thunderstorms. Loved them as a kid. Loved watching them from my candle-lit room (back then thunderstorms = power out). They were magical. Electric. They still are. Magic. Electric.

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