Retro Mars, Orange Skies – and The Tower

I’m sure most everyone has heard and seen photos of what’s going on “out West”. The good news is that the three huge fires surrounding Santa Clara Valley are almost all contained. That is VERY good news considering they were the worst in the State’s history. Thanks to all who have been battling these blazes. On my Power Walks around the neighborhood I continue to see signs of gratitude posted on telephone poles, in windows, and even on the side of a house!

The triple-digit heat wave broke yesterday, but I knew today was going to be crazy-weird when I woke to an orange glow coming into the room. I wish my camera did a better job of communicating the COLOR of the sky but here’s an idea of what it looks like right now:

It’s so dark outside I have lights on throughout the house. Just a little north of here, the sky is raining ashes down upon Santa Clara’s amusement park. The good news is because the layer of smoke is so high we are not experiencing poor air quality and I smell no smoke. There are a number of fires in Northern California and Oregon which are causing our “apocalyptic orange sky”. If you look at these images from NASA you can see how widespread the smoke is.

Speaking of crazy-weird, Mars (who has been hanging-out in Aries since June 27) just turned retrograde today! This retro period will last until November 13, at which time the planet will turn direct and continue it’s 6-month stay in Aries until January 6, 2021. Cool, huh?

What does this all mean? Well, Marina at Dark Star Astrology says it best:

“The planet’s energy is turning itself upside down in a sense, so we get the opportunity to view things from another angle. Mars is traditionally a malefic, but it does not follow that in retrograde it becomes even more malefic. Nor does Mars become its opposite, a benefic! It just becomes well… weird…With Mars retrograde, instead of the usual flame-grilled Mars direct affair, it becomes more of a slow, rich bake.”

It’s fitting that today’s Tarot card should be The Tower.

The Tower

It is the Planetary Trump of Mars and “…symbolizes a rapid and dramatic change or upheaval that forces us to re-evaluate everything.” [1]

Keywords: Chaos, rapid and dramatic change, upheaval, destruction, natural disasters, revelations, liberation, oppression, tyranny

As a Major Arcana (Trump) card, The Tower represents life-changing events that will have long-term effects. These events are outside of our control but are necessary in order for us to grow spiritually.

ℳ –

[1] Daniels, Ian (2010). Phantasmagoria. Llewellyn Publications. p. 127.


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