Bedroom Reboot ~ Part 1

As you can see from this 2017 Post, I’ve pretty much stayed with the same layout. (So glad that lovely gray wall was left untouched during my absence!)

I really needed drawer space and wanted something that would double as a bedside table AND fill-up that space between the bed and the closet. The chests I looked at were either too high or much too large. This chest, which is designed for a child’s room, was not only perfect in size and color but was on sale at Overstock. After applying a 15% coupon (Thank you, USPS.) and getting FREE delivery I paid just under $300 for a very well-made piece. It arrived a few days later in a box that was too heavy to get up the stairs so I had to unpack each piece and carry them up one-by-one. Easy to assemble, it only took me a couple of hours. (Ramses helped.)

Perfect! Well, almost. I felt it needed a bit of “bling” which I found at my neighborhood Big Lots. This set of Badgley Mischka crystal drawer knobs was on clearance at $9.00 for a set of four. I grabbed two sets.

I love my lamp and was heartbroken when Ramses broke the original shade. (You can see it sitting sans-shade on my new chest, above.) Lampshades come with three types of fitters:  Spider (the most common), clip-on, and uno. I needed a medium-sized shade with an uno fitting. Easier said than done… I bought the lamp many years ago at Target so I took a chance and went there first. As luck would have it they had discontinued carrying the medium size. I tried the large but it looked absolutely ridiculous on the base. I had no luck online either and had just about given up when serendipity happened as a result of a spur-of-the-moment trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond. (I’m not always good with patience, but sometimes you just gotta have it.) I like it better than the original one.

I didn’t want to drive to hell and back looking for a comforter with a white-and-black pattern. I knew I wouldn’t find what I wanted anywhere around here. (Back in the 80’s I wouldn’t have had this sort of problem.) Amazon to the rescue with the perfect bed-in-a-bag ensemble. But I needed more than one set of sheets. So back to Big Lots where I not only found a reasonably-priced set of solid gray sheets BUT I also found an even cooler set of black-and-white animal print sheets for $8. (I’m all for buying on-line when you have no other alternative, but this is a perfect example of why it pays to browse brick-and-mortar stores. Neither the crystal drawer knobs nor this sheet set were listed anywhere on Big Lots’ website.)

What do you think? So far so good?

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