The Love of a Cat Named Ortoloni ~ Chapter 5

Ortoloni never tried to dart out the front door again.

As I mentioned in Chapter 2, Ortoloni was born under the astrological sign of Gemini – who are known to be expressive communicators with sunny dispositions. Ortoloni displayed both traits and proved to be the sweetest creature I had ever met. He was certainly the gentlest cat I’d ever lived with.

For example, he and I were in the backyard (the Concrete Jungle, a fenced-in patio) one warm afternoon when he spied a black beetle ambling by. Being a cat, this little guy caught Ortoloni’s attention. As the beetle moved closer Ortoloni stretched out his paw while I waited with bated breath. He brought down his paw and ever so lightly touched the beetle’s back, then withdrew his paw and watched the insect continue on his merry way.

His gentleness extended to our Bearded Dragon, Mephisto, who would allow Ortoloni to literally climb all over him. Never once did Ortoloni bite or claw the reptile and their playtimes were always, happily, enjoyed by both parties.

While Ortoloni lacked the ruthlessness of a predatory animal, he more than made up for it vocally. He had the yowl of a tom cat which he used when calling for me from another room AND when exiting the litter box. He’d come out of the bathroom and yowl, his mouth forming a perfect “O” and looking just like a little Howler Monkey! I think he was saying “I feel good!”

Ortoloni fit in nicely with the other cats in the house although he never slept with any of them or engaged in play. He preferred to hang-out with me. Opening the back door would cause the other cats to go bounding out into the Concrete Jungle – Ortoloni included. But then he’d sit there and wait to see if I was coming out, too. If I didn’t he’d come right back inside leaving the other kitties lounging in the sun. When he wasn’t at my side he was on his “pil-low” – a large, fluffly black thing that I used when laying on the floor to watch TV. Sometimes he and I would share the pillow – it was that huge! At night he curled up on my pillow, wrapping his tail around my neck (like a hug).

He was the first cat I ever sang to. “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, “Kokomo”, and at Christmas it was always “Santa Baby” except I’d change it to “Loni Baby”. Like most cat parents we had nicknames for him, too, such as Cheddar-butt, Sweet Cheeks and Cheeky Cheeks. He didn’t care. He’d just purr – knowing the love behind them.

Day by day, month by month, and year by year we grew closer until all he ever wanted was to be with his Mom.

On his pil-low.

Note: This Chapter was published on December 4, 2020 – International Cheetah Day – which is remarkable because Ortoloni looked like a little cheetah. Well, maybe not as svelte but he had a small head and a long tail just like a cheetah.

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