PANTONE 2021 color(s) of the year

Pantone announced their colors for 2021 (Yes, you read that right. There are 2.). They reminded me of a Post I did back in 2017.

Glamour::Xanthic - Yellow is a lovely color when paired with black – or even plum, but I happen to think it’s pure perfection with any shade of grey. It creates a nice balance (Yin-Yang) of masculine and feminine, ne pensez-vous pas?

I love grays and, although it’s not Pantone’s “Ultimate Gray 17-5104”, I painted one wall of my bedroom a light gray.

Interior Decor Trends lists Gray as the #2 most popular color for 2021. In the #1 spot? BLACK. (Natch.) So although gray is not “the new black” for 2021, it comes damn close!

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