My World ~ One Year Later

My World was taken from me one year ago, the day I lost Diego. I cannot believe twelve months has passed because I remember that morning like it was yesterday. He suffered a seizure that morning and as we were driven to the vet’s office I knew these were our last moments together. After looking at the video I somehow had managed to take, the doctors confirmed it was a seizure. Moreoever, they were certain it was caused by a tumor behind his right eye. The last pictures I took of Diego were from that morning in the hospital and you can clearly see the right side of his face was misshapen – especially around the eye.

Like Ortoloni, Diego has a story that needs to be told – and it will be told. But today, in his memory, I would like to share some never-before-seen photos of the Lord of House Greychin. My Best Friend. My Familiar. My Diego.

Diego’s World
Galerie de El Diablo (His art gallery.)
On YouTube

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