12.14.2020 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse

A new moon solar eclipse occurs when the moon “sweeps across the daytime sky and fully covers the sun’s disk as viewed from Earth, briefly blocking out the entire body of the sun except its outermost layer, called the corona.” [source]

This creates a 360-degree sunset and causes plants and animals to respond as they would at twilight.

The New Moon solar eclipse on December 14, 2020 will happen at 11:16am ET (8:16am PT). It will only be visible in parts of South America and will cause sections of that continent to experience darkness for a brief period.

However, everyone will be feeling its effects. For centuries solar eclipses have been considered powerful omens of change or turning points – and this one’s going to be a doozy!

The eclipse occurs 23° Sagittarius and is the only TOTAL solar eclipse of 2020. It also takes place a couple of degrees shy of the Galactic Center – aka the heart of the Milky Way.

"...the knowledge that our entire Solar System revolves 
around a yet greater centre called the 'Galactic Centre' 
parallels an inner need within humanity to be released from
the egoic 'false-self-hood' as represented by the (distorted) 
heliocentric worldview. Trapped in this paradigm, human 
selfishness engenders a narcissistic way of life fuelled by 
greed and consumerism – vested interests convince us that we 
have to get, buy, procure or achieve a multitude of substi-
tutes for the true Self-hood for which we long. However, our 
true individuality...prompts us to see through these delusions 
and to rest in the inner light of which it partakes, safe in 
the knowledge that the Self is innate and cannot be bought, 
sold or achieved." 

It also happens that the Sun is also residing in the astrological sign of Sagittarius (November 23-December 21), as well, so we have the freedom-loving Archer doing double-duty!

Those of you who have Sagittarius in your birth charts may be feeling this New Moon already – and if that Sagittarius is in Decan 3 (20°-30°) it’s influence will be experienced in spades! (I have a Sagittarius Ascendent 19° and my Mars is in Sag 27°. Just this week I began having this strange sense of lightheartedness coming from nowhere in particular…)

Yes, indeedy. This Sagittarius New Moon is going to kick open a new door, paving the way for a Grand Conjunction on December 1st. So, let’s take a look at what energy Sagittarius is bringing to the table.

“I philosophize”

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good fortune, and prosperity. He’s generous, jovial, and full of good vibes – just like…Santa Claus! (How appropo.)

Sagittarius is:
Highly idealistic
Focused on the big picture

Sagittarius Decan 3 (which is where this eclipse is happening)
Exudes a powerful presence
Filled with integrity
Is unable to function as an unauthentic being
Uses his abilities in the service of a higher cause

On the downside, Sagittarius can be a bit reckless and blunt. Remember, the Archer is ruled by expansive Jupiter which has a tendency to magnify EVERYTHING it touches. So rein in those impulsive urges and run your thoughts through a filter before voicing them out loud – or online. The word here is finesse, otherwise you can be confident in speaking your truth.

n. artful subtlety, typically that needed for tactful handling of a difficulty
v. do (something) in a subtle and delicate manner

From an archetypal standpoint, this sign is considered to be a Gypsy Archetype due to its love of freedom and adventure; however, I’ve always seen Sagittarius as being a Philanthropist. Along with Aquarius (whom we will hear from in the coming weeks), the Archer is a humanitarian with philanthropy, mission and charity work, and volunteering an expression of their true heart.

‘Kayso, it looks like Santa Claus is coming early. But (There’s always a friggin’ BUT.) there will be some bumps in the road courtesy of Mercury, Messenger of the gods, and the planet of ideas, thought processes, communication, and the exchange of ideas. The December 14 solar eclipse is conjunct Mercury. Fire (Sagittarius) works well with Air (Gemini, who is ruled by Mercury) so this association works well together. Unfortunately, Mercury forms a square with Neptune (illusion) which may foment deception, trickery, fraud, and confusion. What’s needed here is someone who has our back. I’m talkin’ ’bout Mars (still in Aries), The Warrior. Mars is forming a trine with the sun, moon, and Mercury which will instil all three astronomical bodies with his strength of Will and call to action. The positive energy of Mars is what will be needed to break through the veil of deception those in power will use to block the (inevitable) change that’s coming.

But wait, there’s more! The eclipse will also connect with the South Node of Destiny which also happens to be in the idealistic sign of Sagittarius. Something is coming to an end – an end that is necessary in order to make room for something new. One door closes and another door is opened. And for those of you who pay attention to signs and symbols, the Sabian symbol for Sagittarius 23°-24° is “a bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage” and if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step, I’m at a loss for words.

Major themes/energies of the December 14, 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse
Thinking and communicating
Speaking out and sharing your truth
Expansion of consciousness
Positive energy
Connecting with others

We cannot just sit back and let the Universe “take care of things”. It’s offering us TONS of pre-holiday presents that we need to unwrap and put to use right away. This eclipse is about the greater good. Mars is giving us courage and Will to create change in both the world and ourselves. Embrace your fighting spirit. Your Inner Warrior.

Sagittarius urges us to AIM HIGH. Make plans, set new goals, and act on them with courage and confidence. Focus on abundance, appreciation, and gratitude. Expand your mind and open your heart. Be adventurous while keeping your wits about you. Mercury encourages us to speak our truth and communicate it to the world, but be prepared to turn those words into actions.

And watch out for those bluebirds…

The 9 of Scepters (Wands) represents the Moon in Sagittarius and signifies tremendous inner strength, defending ourselves and others against the bullies of the world, standing up for what is right, and possessing the spiritual backbone of a Holy Warrior.

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