Dream Journal (2.2.2021)

This dream took place last night.

Ever dreamed of dying? Specifically, have you ever had a dream in which you are scheduled to be killed or executed? I don’t believe I ever posted the previous one, which happened last year, where I was in a holding cell with a lot of other people and we were all scheduled to be executed the following day. Well, I decided I was going to conduct aerobic exercises and got everyone up and participating. Hilarious, right? Perhaps I was doing my best to take everyone’s mind off things because I know it wasn’t because we were concerned about keeping ourselves fit! LOL.

Last night’s was more sobering. Both Ramses and I were in the company of an individual who had clearly kidnapped us for the sake of executing me. At least, I think I was the only one due to be killed. This assassin had a gun and was someone I knew. When it came time for me to die, I turned my back to him so he could deliver the bullet to the back of my head. I told Ramses I would “meet him on the other side” (This is where I’m not sure if Ramses was going to be killed straightaway or not.) and told Diego and Ortoloni I would “be joining them soon.” I was calm and had clearly accepted my fate. I woke up prior to the individual pulling the trigger.

Dreaming of death indicates a possible change in our life, a necessary and unavoidable change that is about to come and that we must accept otherwise it will not be possible to evolve. This change may come in the form of psychological transformation or major transition. It may be your inner guide’s way of saying you’re ready to let go of something that no longer serves you.

But the fact is, my feelings upon awakening were deep sadness coupled with a sense of loss. On one hand I was joyfully looking forward to seeing my beloved cats again. On the other, I was heartbroken about leaving behind T (and possibly Ramses). So I’m not sure what the dream is telling me. One site suggested that dreaming about being executed is an “indication that you need to make a change in your life” and that “there is some part of your waking life that needs changing as soon as possible.”

So I did what I thought would help clarify things for me:  I sat down and did a Tarot reading…

When a card appears Reversed, it means that the card’s energy is present but at a lower level. It’s weakened. The last time I drew the Lord of Skulls (King of Pentacles) Reversed was on November 4, 2020:  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Lord of Skulls.

The suit of Pentacles tends to deal with the material aspects of our lives:  Money, our bodies, work, and material possessions. The suit also has ties to the home, earth, and nature. I’m still unsure about the card’s connection to my dream. I may have to mull this over for a few days…

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