adj. lacking in vitality, force, or conviction; uninspired or uninspiring

The ancient Greeks felt that people are known by the heroes they crown. America is a nation of hero-worshippers. We hoist them on pedestals where the adulation lasts until someone better comes along or said hero’s reputation becomes tarnished. It’s during times of great national stress that our need for heroes becomes feverish. During such times, the crowning of a new hero makes us feel like things are gonna be OK…

By hook or by crook Tom Brady was on the path to becoming this year’s Super Bowl Hero and it appears the “stars” were aligned correctly because Tampa Bay won last night’s game by a mile. It was a strange game that really should’ve been played at the end of 2020 – a strange year. It would’ve made more sense.

In addition to being weird, the whole Super Bowl “experience” yesterday was lackluster.

Unlike the NBA which is fast-paced and athletes highlight their abilities by taking on a number of positions – all in a single game – footballers are defined by and confined to their positions on a team. As a result, at any given point in time there are very few NFL players who are EXCITING to watch. Their team may not win the game, but you sure as hell have a good time watching “that guy” do his thing – and do it with PIZZAZZ. Patrick Mahomes is one of those guys.

Even when struggling under the Buccaneer’s defensive line, watching him throw passes was still magic. He reminds me very much of Steph Curry (PT/SG for the Golden State Warriors). Whether on the court or the field both men OOZE pure joy. They are loving what they’re doing! (No small feat in the the “No Fun League”.) But aside from watching Mr. Mahomes, the rest of Super Bowl LV felt soulless – and that goes for the commercials. (In what universe could anyone call those “Super Bowl Ads”?)

Yep, in spite of Brady’s win at home (a first in Super Bowl history) I doubt if it will be remembered as memorable in any way.

If not for the wonderful company and good food, I would’ve changed the channel…

A small shoutout to the Halftime Show. Although I couldn’t stand the singer it was visually entertaining. I especially liked the backdrops and the lights on the dancers’ gloves but what was up with those mask-like face coverings? They reminded me of what Claude Raines’ character wore in The Invisible Man.

In terms of excitement, Kitten Bowl 2021 was more thrilling BUT I do have a couple of beefs:

  • What a lame excuse for their Kitten Halftime Show. I’m seeing more and more of this and it sucks: running video clips found on the web. If I wanted to watch video clips of cute cats I can see those anytime, anywhere. It was a cheap move which I hope they don’t repeat next year.
  • Hallmark’s website for the Kitten Bowl usually showcases the teams and profiles each of the cat-aletes. They did neither this year.
  • I was also disappointed they didn’t have the Cat-lete Card Creator where you can upload a photo of your cat and create your own Kitten Bowl Trading Card. Diego has three:  2017, 2018, and 2019.

Thank God(dess) football season’s over.
Now we can all focus on BASKETBALL.

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