A Comedy of Errors

This is an on-going “comedy” which is why I published it as a Page:
A Comedy of Errors: Horizon Fitness/Johnson Health Tech

I will update it as the issue progresses, so if you’re interest in keeping up-to-date please bookmark it. I felt it was important to document what’s been happening in case there’s anyone out there who’s even THINKING about doing business with a company called Horizon Fitness (parent company: Johnson Health Tech).

Hopefully, the information I’m providing on that page will serve as a warning to consumers:  Don’t just check for product reviews, check for complaints against the company/manufacturer – especially when purchasing high-ticket items.

In August 2015, Johnson Health Tech was fined $3 million by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission for failing to report defects in its Matrix Fitness Ascent and Elliptical trainers. The commission was not notified promptly of multiple reports of smoking, fires, and melted power components. Johnson Health Tech agreed to pay the fine but did not admit to the charges

(So much for their “family values”.)

Complaints against Horizon/JHT:
Better Business Bureau

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