Spring Cleaning

I realized after I took these that I should have snapped some “before” shots. Oh well. Went on a tear this morning and dumped all expired food, wiped-down shelves, and re-organized contents of several cabinets in the kitchen.

Then when I sat down to write this Post I discovered that WordPress had done away with their classic editor! I code by hand (html, css) and it’s taken me 6 years to get everything the way I want it. I was FURIOUS. Tried contacting them and received no response, of course. Fortunately, I opened their stupid interface and finally figured out to get to where I can WRITE CODE. They sure hid it away, though. Thank God(dess) I’m a “curious clicker”. As much as I don’t want to start from scratch elsewhere, I may have to begin looking for another home for this site…

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