Mad as a March Hare

A March Hare Full Moon, that is. Today is also Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter. As a kid, I remember receiving a little cross made from palm leaves during church service.

Today’s Full Moon arrives at 8° Libra and is 2021’s first Supermoon – so named because the moon appears a little brighter and closer to the Earth than normal. We’re also celebrating Spring’s arrival which signals renewal, rebirth, and abundance. Gaia has awakened from her Winter slumber!

Sabian symbol for 8° Libra.


Why does a fire blaze when there is no one at home? For the same reason we leave lights on when we leave the house – it’s a sign of “Welcome” upon returning home; providing comfort and reassurance in times of loneliness, isolation, or separation.

The fire you seek burns brightly within yourself.

With Libra, today’s Full Moon revolves around relationships/partnerships, compromise, justice, and achieving a delicate balance between opposing energies – appropriate given that it opposes the Sun which is in Aries. This combination of Mars (Aries) and Venus (Libra) can make for a harmonious conjoining provided the right balance is achieved between the two. Think yin/yang or masculine/feminine.

Aries is also in Chiron, the Wounded Healer, making this an excellent time to acknowledge and heal any emotional wounds that are preventing you from moving forward. Mars’ warrior spirit will give you the courage to face these obstacles head-on, with Libra reminding you to be kind to yourself. Maintain a sense of balance, harmony, and don’t forget to practice self-care.

According to Dark Star Astrology, this Full Moon’s Tarot card is the 2 of Swords – Lord of the Peace Restored – symbolizing stalemate or impasse, compromise, at a crossroad, weighing options. The 2 of Swords also relates to balance and partnerships.

To be as “mad as a March hare” is an English idiomatic phrase derived from the observed antics, said to occur only in the March breeding season of the European hare, Lepus europaeus. [source]

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