Mystic Cross ~ is it or isn’t it?

I clearly remember noticing this on my right palm when I was very young. At the time I thought it was cool and felt sure it meant something. But I never gave it much thought until recently when I was researching one topic and stumbled upon the Mystic Cross which sounded just like the “star” on my hand!

To be fair, there are two somewhat opposing views as to what constitutes a Mystic Cross and what does not. One side maintains it must reside between the heart and head lines but not touch either, while the other side contends it must exist somewhere between the two – touching or not. Since I’ve always felt the star on my hand was special in some way, I’m going with the latter. (Natch.)

In general, having the Mystic Cross on either hand symbolizes deep intuition; having a “sixth sense” or psychic ability. It’s also supposed to indicate a natural inclination toward occult, esoteric, and arcane subjects – subjects for which I’ve ALWAYS had a predilection. (Even at an early age, my instincts were spot on. I knew this mark meant something…)

Having a Mystic Cross sit beneath your middle finger supposedly indicates a life-change around your 40’s that may have something to do with your not using the gifts you were born with. Well, I may have missed that mark because I have only recently come full circle embracing those “gifts” I knew I had as a child but forgot once I became an adult.

One site maintained that it “indicates that spirituality, witch’s intuition, and acknowledgement of power or ability were understood at a very young age”. Another article remarked that “Gift markings come with a penalty for disuse. You have to use the gift or otherwise you end up in the penalty box.” (Ooops. Well, better late than never!)

Do YOU have a Mystic Cross? If so, tells us your story.

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