9 of Swords, 8 of Wands, 2 of Swords

A situation or issue may arise which will cause some anxiousness.
Stop over-analyzing! Make a decision and move forward.

9 of Knives (Swords):  A card usually linked to anxiety and fear, but fear is an illusion created in the mind and the mind can be our worst enemy, making things seem worse than they actually are. Mars in Gemini may indicate nervous mental energy. Try taking the edge off with some physical activity.

8 of Scepters (Wands):  Swiftness. Sudden and direct action. Movement. Progress. Momentum. Mercury in Sagittarius may point to an intense outpouring of thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and creativity. The Vampyre here is wielding his scepter like a weapon, focused on his target. Strike while the iron is hot! Take immediate action.

2 of Knives (Swords):  At a crossroad. Choices. Making a decision. This Vampyress has been deprived of sight, and judging by the blood flowing from beneath the blindfold and on the tips of the knives she may have taken her own eyes out. Our eyes can trick us; deceive us until we can no longer tell the difference between truth and untruth. She now relies on her intuition alone to weigh her options before finding the perfect solution to whatever issue or problem is at hand. There is a balancing act here between two opposing forces or energies. Sometimes the only way to regain one’s equillibrium is by taking two seemingly incompatible choices and uniting them in order to bring about a harmonious compromise. More often than not, truth resides in that gray area between two extremes.

Nothing but the truth can hold the truth.
– Michael Meade

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