Playlist::Power Walk 6

I’m constantly creating new playlists for my Power Walks. Any new song I add to iTunes is my “favorite” one at the moment. Of course, I never tire of CRASHDÏET’s “Chemical” or the Black Veil Brides’ “In The End” – these are the songs I most often SPRINT to. Did I mention I cannot “jog”? Everyone’s anatomy is different and mine doesn’t do jogging. I feel it instantly in my knees. I can high-impact aerobics until the cows come home and I can RUN VERY FAST for short increments without any complaints from my body.

In Junior High I participated in track (or track-and-field). I was good at two events:  Standing Broad Jump (I could jump a little over 6′ which for someone 5′ tall was evidently quite good.) and the 50-Yard Dash.

When I entered High School my petite stature failed me in the 50-Yard Dash, as there were plenty of girls who were much taller – with longer legs to match. But I could still jump like a grasshopper!

Interspersing sprints in my Power Walk acts in the way High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) does. I also found that because I “bounce” along at a good clip, I was putting my calves, thighs (upper, inner, everywhere), and glutes through their paces!

Plus I’m getting fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of entertainment along the way. This morning I passed a lone goose who was keeping an eye on me as I approached, then decided I was no threat and started plucking the grass blades at its feet (Or maybe it was just PRETENDING to ignore me so it could bite me in the butt as I bounced by…). No longer had I passed the goose when I heard it make a HORRIBLE RACKET. This was over the music which I had turned up fairly loud. Turning around I saw a woman walking her German Shepherd behind me and the goose was giving the dog HELL. The dog did not know what to make of this creature. Finally the goose flew off onto the roof of an apartment house across the street. The dog’s owner and I both shook our heads and laughed – then we all went on our way. With Nature I’ve found, there’s never a dull moment.

I put together this particular Playlist to span 1-1/4 miles (It takes me 22 minutes to walk a mile.) and match my preferred walking pace. Enjoy!

Songs without embedded videos contain links to them on YouTube (Which will open in a new browser window).

9 songs
34 minutes

In The End Black Veil Brides
You Can Call Me Al Paul Simon

My favorite Elton JOHN song. It reminds me of Summer…

The War Song Culture Club

Keep It Comin’ Love KC & The Sunshine Band
Rock the Night Europe
The Boys Are Back In Town The Bus Boys

Little Bit O’ Soul The Music Explosion

ℳ –


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