Cats are like Puzzle Boxes

I have many things to share but first let’s celebrate all the Felis lynx and Panthera onca in the world by wishing them a joyful

International Lynx Day
World Jaguar Day

Yesterday we not only entered a New Moon phase (in Gemini) but also experienced a Solar Eclipse! As you know, New Moons mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle, bringing with them new opportunities and fresh starts. Today is a good day for self-reflection, course correction, and setting goals. Start generating your own magic instead of waiting for the magic to happen on its own! A New Moon Solar Eclipse is especially potent. It is during this time that you can dream your biggest dreams and set your most powerfully-charged intentions. Create new habits, start new projects, and initiate life changes. VIBRATE ON PURPOSE.

“The Universe knows all things and is responding
to the vibration that you are sending.
When you are sending your vibration on purpose,
you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.”

– Esther Hicks

(Keep in mind that while sowing the seeds of creation is in line with the energies of a New Moon, it’s not an especially good time for stopping something you care about, avoiding opportunities for expansion and growth, or wasting time on energy-draining people or activities.)

I also ran across this some time ago – I don’t remember where I found it so my apologies to the originator.

Today’s Tarot spread for the next few days…

The Ten of Grails (Cups) suggests tranquility, peace of mind, lasting success, and long-term contentment. This card is about satisfaction especially on an emotional level. It can also symbolize an awakening of the soul. Our thoughts are directly connected to what is manifested in our lives.

Major Arcana cards represent life lessons, karmic influences, and the big archetypal themes that are influencing your life right now – and no card is more representative of this than Justice, the Law of Karma. This is cause-and-effect in action. Know that the vibrations you send out will come back to you ten-fold.

I am very excited to announce a new series of posts in which I’ll be talking about the Earth’s wild cats – both large and small. Each post will honor a particular feline, starting tomorrow with Puma concolor. The Puma, which is particularly appropriate as tomorrow is National Cougar Day. Additionally, it was while watching a National Geographic documentary on the puma that I first came up with the notion of cats being like little “puzzle boxes”.

I hope you will enjoy reading about each amazing feline as much as I will enjoy writing about them! M-iao!

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