Small Joys MATTER!

Like hearing a tiny, black kitten bound for voodoo sacrifice is thriving under his rescuer’s care – and having the means to donate to his on-going care.

Ramses, my sweet and funny little Puzzle Box.

Hearing a family out at the pool having fun.

Organic food and the farmers who grow them.

Getting a text from Tim saying he really enjoyed the lunch I made for him.

Finding a cute pair of shorts at a great price.

Watching the bees lovin’ the flowers I planted this year in the Concrete Jungle.

Speaking of flowers, I am jumping for joy over the blooms my new Datura, “Pink Picotee”, is giving me.

Waking-up to sunshine peeking through the bedroom window.

Enjoying a Dirty Blue Martini (or two) at Grub.

Neighbors down the street shooting off fireworks – all month long! (They are careful.) It makes me smile.

Photos from Big Cat Rescue which get posted each morning on LinkedIn. They spotlight a different cat each day, sometimes with a quote, and I always look forward to seeing them. (Especially those of Jinx.) They make me smile.

Warm summer nights.

Finding L’Oreal Preference Color #1 Blue Black in stock – anywhere.

NBA underdogs, the Atlanta Hawks, having a real shot at winning the playoff series against Milwaukee.

People around the world who give a voice to the voiceless. As one compassionate individual at Heaven on Earth said, “It’s truly awful how some animals are treated. They are such gentle souls that don’t deserve any of it.” Amen.

Being home.

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