Jeff LaBar: 1963-2021

In 2015, Jeff LaBar and Bay Area musician Ronnie Borchert/Markus Allen Christopher (Miss Crazy) formed Welcome to the Freakshow. The video above was shot at the now-defunct Rockbar Theatre in San Jose, CA. “Everyone” was the first video from their self-titled CD. Although I did not participate in the video shoot I was there that day (‘Cause where else would I be on a Sunday in August of 2015?) sitting at the bar watching everyone (!) patiently filming take after take…

Above photos © 2015

I did not meet Jeff LaBar until three months later
when the band played a show at Rockbar Theater.

Earlier that night I remember seeing Jeff near the bar where we were sitting. I looked up and there he was, chatting with some people and staring straight at me. No biggie, though. I just thought, “Oh, there’s Jeff LaBar” and continued doing what I was doing. While one of the opening bands was playing I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if we’d like to go backstage and meet the band. Well, I was (and am) a huge fan of Miss Crazy and saw this as my opportunity to tell Markus Allen Christopher (aka Ronnie Borchert) just how much I loved them. So backstage we went.

Each of us was given a “limited edition” copy of the CD.

The photo on the back of the CD was taken in the Vodka Bar located inside Rockbar Theater. (The Vodka Bar was where I spent many nights hawking my wares at their Simply Stilettos ladies-only events. It was a beautiful room.)

Next thing I know, Jeff appears to my right and introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Jeff.” Mr. LaBar was a cutie AND a bit of a smart-ass – but in a nice way. I enjoyed the verbal sparring we engaged in. Very cool and laid-back.

Once Welcome to the Freakshow took the stage we went right up and stood in front of Jeff. With both him and MAC/RB at the helm, it’s no surprise they played some kick-ass 80’s style music! They even did one of my favorite covers by W.A.S.P.I Wanna Be Somebody.

The show was on a Friday and by the next week I was working-out to several of their songs.

Even though I saw Cinderella once or twice back-in-the-day, I will never forget meeting Jeff backstage at that show.

Jeff LaBar
March 18, 1963 – July 14, 2021

Cinderella (late 80’s). Jeff is far-left.

From the video “Somebody Save Me”. My favorite shot of Jeff. Very intense.

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freakshowrox (myspace)
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