2021 (8.23) TGIF?

I awoke this morning with an earworm:

No clue why. Haven’t heard the song in I don’t know how long and don’t workout to it (although we used to many moons ago when I taught aerobic classes at 24-Hour Fitness). Not a bad song to wake up to, though. Made me want to go outside and enjoy the early morning peacefulness…but first I had my “morning chores”:

  • Started brewing coffee
  • Woke-up CarnieVIL Central and check everyone’s water levels
  • Watered a few houseplants downstairs
  • Checked plants in the Concrete Jungle
  • Retrieved Ramses (who always darts out the back door when it’s opened)
  • Fed said feline
  • Poured myself a cup of coffee – FINALLY

I have been experiencing the urge to feel grass under my feet. Or at least some soil. With cup in hand I padded out, barefoot, and found a small patch of soil to stand on. The spot was right next to the driveway and was bathed in morning sun. It was perfect.

As much as I love cute shoes I never wear them around the house. (I do slip on my flip-flops when taking out the trash because sometimes I see bits of glass around the dumpsters.) To quote my late Father, I am a “hayseed” because I never wore shoes as a child either.

Gillian Holroyd

So I’m standing on my tiny patch of Earth, drinking my coffee, and watching the world go by on our street. Many people walking dogs, others are just walking themselves. One black-and-white, long-muzzed dog kept his/her nose glued to the sidewalk all the way up the street and back down again. Must be some good smells going on!

I moved around to the front of the complex so I could walk upon the wet grass. Heavenly. I love the smell of wet grass. The grass here is part clover and reminds me of a patchwork quilt.

There are studies which show that a physical connection with Mother Earth has many health benefits. EMF radiation alone can interfere with our bodies’ natural frequencies. When we constantly use mobile devices close to our bodies over long periods of time, exposure to EMF radiation can become harmful. Studies have found links between EMF exposure and minor health concerns such as headaches and skin rashes, to very serious concerns, such as fertility problems, DNA fragmentation, cell damage, and cancerous tumors.

“The Earth has its own unique heartbeat, also known as the Schumann Resonance, which refers to the natural frequency of the electromagnetic field of the planet and pulsates steadily at 7.83 Hz. This frequency can reach up to 16.5 Hz varying with changes of seasons, solar flares and other earthly phenomenon.
In our brains, alpha waves span the frequency range of 7.5–12.5 Hz, which is almost the same frequency of Earth’s natural heartbeat. These alpha waves are present in our brains during early sleep, deep relaxation, dreaming and meditation. These waves help to regenerate cells and promote healing in our bodies and are proven to promote mental coordination, calmness, alertness, inner awareness, mind/body integration and learning.
Humans have been grounding for millions of years, evolving as a species in connection with the Earth’s natural frequency and energy.”  [source]

Note: Although grounding has been shown to reduce the induced body voltages generated by exposure to ELF, it cannot fully protect us from EMF radiation when using laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices directly against our bodies.

Further reading:
Here’s Why Going Barefoot Benefits Your Body
Natural Frequencies vs. Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

And even if you’re a skeptic, going Barefoot in the Park (watch out for dog poop) won’t hurt you – and may even make you feel like a kid again!!!

‘Kayso, I spent sufficient time physically bonding with Mother Earth that I had finished my cup of coffee, so I headed back home. I decided to Take the Long Way Home (I’m killin’ it with the song references today!) and saw some vignettes I had to share. Grabbing my trusty iPod I went back outside (still barefoot) to snap some pictures.

“Pretty pic-tures”

Tomorrow Tim is driving down to Porterville to join his sisters in burying their father. He will be gone until next Thursday. I am not accompanying him (Cat. Plants.), but they are in my heart and prayers. Although Ramses will, no doubt, continue to get into all kinds of mischief, we will both miss him. July’s Full Moon (called Herb or Buck Moon) will appear in the skies tonight, which means Tim will be extra careful on the roadways tomorrow. I have reminded him. Will probably remind him again tomorrow morning. And shield him. And wait for him to text me at every stop he makes along the way. And call me when he gets to the hotel and when he leaves on Thursday…ad infinitum.

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