200 % in the last two weeks – The Magician and Knight of Swords

90% of the U.S. Population
have NOT contracted CV-19.

“New cases have jumped 200% in the last two weeks nationwide.” That’s what was in an article published on July 23, 2021. (A link to the news article appeared on Google’s homepage. Unfortunately, I did not save a copy and a search for it proved fruitless.) That figure seemed outrageous to me so I did some FACT-CHECKING on my own:

  • According to data I have been collecting the number of cases from 7.12.2021 to 7.23.2021 = 427,916.
    Divide 427,916 by 11 (number of days between those two dates) = 38,901/day
    So we have been averaging 38,901 CASES in the U.S. per day.
  • My data also indicates that as of 1.5.2021 the U.S. had logged 20,817,140 cases.
    The number of days between 1.5.2021 and 7.12.2021 = 188
    20,817,140 ÷ 188 = 110,729/day

If we have been averaging 110,729 cases per week (1.5.2010 to 7.12.2021) – at which time it appears the number of cases/day dropped substantially (-64.87 or 0.6487) – where did that article come up with the 200% increase? Since they did not provide any concrete numbers upon which they calculated this obscene percentage, we will never know whose ass they pulled the number out of.

It is very difficult when reading headlines or articles to discern what’s really being said. Sentences can be easily manipulated to appear to be saying one thing, while in actuality the facts may be something else. This is done all the time and not just with figures. One has to “read between the lines” constantly – and not take anything at face value.

Which is why I decided to publish a page on Jinn stats, complete with tools with which you can check the numbers yourself. Remember: THE MATH NEVER LIES.

Whatever these people have in mind, they are escalating their agenda – which is to get a JAB into every arm. They are probably trying to out-run the truth of their actions – or at least buy them time to prepare another half-truth to feed the masses.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center shows not quite 50% of the U.S. population being fully-JABBED – a far cry from their goal. So they need to up the ante. But those of us who are paying attention (and crunching the numbers) will not be fooled.

I won’t promise to update my Jinn Stats on a DAILY basis because I want to live my life. I will not spend the last of my days wringing my hands in fear. I choose to be happy.

The cards will play themselves out. You and I may be the last ones standing with any semblance of health, and we may end-up paying the price for that. So be it. But I say, “FUCK THEM AND FUCK THAT.”

Full Moon spread (7.23.2021)

Just look at the ferocity of these two individuals! They give me goosebumps (in a GOOD way…). The Full Moon is a time to celebrate your progress.

The Magician is a Trump (Major Arcana) card representing life lessons, karmic influences, and Archetypal energies that are affecting you right now; energies that the Universe is throwing at your which cannot be denied or ignored. You must deal with them. Fortunately, The Magician is full of wonderful, life-affirming energy. It’s time to utilize our creative and vital spirit to shape our own destinies; creating desired outcomes through determined and direct action. Time to conjure up our own miracles!

Ah, don’t you just love the Prince of Knives (Knight of Swords)? Free-thinking, far-sighted, inventive, and assertive, he is affirming what The Magician is evoking: Create your own reality! Give form to your voice and personal vision by stepping outside your comfort zone and thinking-outside-the-box. Whatever we think to be true becomes our truth.

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