King of Cups, 8 of Swords, and F.E.A.R.

Who will be my Muse, my inspiration over the next three days; and what energies should I embrace?

The Lord of Grails (King of Cups) is a visionary, enchanter, sorcerer, and shapeshifter. He is ruled by Pluto (God of the Underworld) in Scorpio (death/rebirth) and steals the energies (symbolized here by Medusa’s head) of his enemies to use as his own. The Lord of Grails rides a Pale Horse. He is my Muse.

Ruled by Jupiter (expansion/growth) in Gemini (restless mind) the 8 of Knives (Swords) personifies endless analyzing, creating one’s own problems, mystical insight, and transcension. It asks you to have patience and allow things to unfold at their true pace. Alternately, the card may suggest a need to conquer fears and break free of self-imposed restrictions or negative beliefs.

Freedom from fear that binds and blinds.
– Elliot Adam

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Ever seen a cartoon of a little boy scaring his sister with a garter snake? Sure, we all have. Maybe you scared your sister similarly or were on the receiving end of such a prank. In any event, most of the time we outgrow these childish impulses. We learn how to be empathetic, respectful, and treats others courteously. Well, some of us do.

But there seem to be a large number of individuals in the World who feed on the misery of others – whether they be hoo-man or animal. Maybe you’ve even had the misfortune to meet one. Make no mistake, though, these empty vessels are everywhere. They are LEGION. They manufacture or incite FEAR then sit back and FEED on the misery it creates. They practically quiver with ecstasy.

These insights came to my mind after hearing a number of preposterous and downright ludicrous statements recently made by mouthpieces, self-proclaimed experts, and our government. I really don’t know how they kept a straight face. Than it dawned on me: They’re fucking with us. And they love it. They love seeing us squirm and scramble and BE AFRAID. They get off on it. THEY’RE FEEDING ON IT. But I also realized they feed off our ANGER, too.

“Wait. Are you telling me to love these people?” Glad you asked. That is totally up to you and your comfort zone. However, the single best tactic one can take to deflate their “power” is by ignoring it. Yes, they are strong-arming here and there. But what if you went ahead and got on with your life and never gave them and their ugly schemes the time of day? Deal with situations as they come up calmly and without fear or anger. What do they have to feed off of then? These are my thoughts currently. I would love to hear yours.

How we react to what is thrown at us
is what determines our level of happiness or frustration

I’m loving my early-morning communions with Mother Earth…

and the beautiful things I see on my way back to the house.

ℳ –


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