I Awoke This Morning

…by shaming people who have concerns about participating in a medical experiment and threatening to bar them from society, government officials are proving that this is not for the greater good. It’s not about public health. It’s about creating loyal subjects…
– Dr. Joseph Mercola

I awoke early this morning thinking about FEAR. How fearful people are – especially those who are pulling the strings. They are insecure. Highly insecure people go to great lengths putting on a strong front. This is psychology 101. Insecure people have an insane need to CONTROL and once they have control they have an insane need to hold onto it. The world is being run by very scared and insecure little boys and girls.

As for the citizenry. I get why the average person would beat the drums against those who are unvaccinated. They are scared too. They are scared they made a horrible decision because they are beginning to hear the stories…and to acknowledge those stories would mean they or their loved ones may be doomed and THEY ARE TERRIFIED.

The hatred we direct towards others is actually self-hatred,
projected outward.

– Ray Grasse

I keep hearing one thing my neighbor said to me after her son was rushed to the emergency room two days after receiving his 2nd JAB. He was diagnosed with an ENLARGED HEART. He is only in his early 30’s with no prior heart issues. While there, a spinal tap was performed where large amounts of SPIKE PROTEINS were found. But this is what she said to me:

“They knew.
I could see it on the doctors’ faces.
They were void of any emotion or reaction. THEY KNEW.”

They knew. Indeed. This is what brings me to tears. Tears you will not find in those who are condemning the unvaccinated, for they do not care about the people who have (and may have) been health-compromised or died from THE JAB. They will give excuses and deride because THEY ARE SCARED THEY WILL BE NEXT.

The fearful have no capacity for compassion or empathy. I choose to be FEARLESS.

I cannot embed this video because it’s not on YouTube, but it’s excellent. Dr. Cole is well-spoken, thoughtful, and intelligent and he has something very important to say: The spike is the toxin.

Dr. Ryan Cole — What the Vaccine spike protein does to the body…

Watch them remove the graphene oxide nanoparticles from the JAB in a guy’s arm:

(Note: This video disappeared from original site. I managed to find it again on 153news.net and it is available there for download as well as viewing. Watch/download before it disappears again.)

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