The Lords of Oktober

At first glance you may think these two are at odds with one another.

In one sense you would be right for the Lord of Scepters (King of Wands) is of Fire, while the Lord of Grails (King of Cups) is connected to the element of Water. I see a little Push-Pull still engaged here, as well. But when we take a look at this spread we see they actually have each other’s back.

The Lord of Scepters rides a Red Roan stallion through a fiery inferno. With blazing Scepter in hand, this Vampyre Lord is on a crusade. He is a Warrior, fighting courageously and defiantly – at times violently – for others or for his own convictions.

n. A concerted effort or vigorous movement for a cause or against an abuse.

An enchanter, mystic, and shapeshifter, the Lord of Grails represents mastery of the emotional realm, spirituality, creativity, empathy, and intuition. “In contrast to the Lord of Scepters, who projects his Will onto others, the Lord of Grails sucks in and absorbs the energies of people and essences outside of him.” [1]

Scepters (Wands) are associated with the Will, energy, passion, action, and spirituality; while Grails (Cups) deal with emotions, relationships, intuition, and psychic awareness. The Lord of Scepters heads straight on to confront the enemy – with might and right on his side. The Lord of Grails faces the enemy with potent magic, stealing the hostile energies of his foes to use against them. These two are Yin-Yang. Opposite but complementary. Their union makes them INVINCIBLE.

You need chaos in your soul.
– Nietzsche

ℳ –


[1] Daniels, Ian (2010). Phantasmagoria. Llewellyn Publications. p. 221.


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