The Fool, The Magician, 8 of Wands

I enjoyed doing a 3-day spread so much last Friday I decided to pull another one today, but I had not planned on Posting the results until I saw the cards I drew. They were powerful.

When two Major Arcana cards appear together, it’s a good indication that there’s an interplay between two major forces or major life-issues at work. All 3 cards are connected to the element of Air (communication, mental activity, intellect).

You need chaos in your soul.
– Nietzsche

Tuesday (today)
The Fool: Pluto (rebirth) in Aquarius (visionary). Reawakenings/renewals, new beginnings, openness, creativity, free-spirit, independence, curiosity, leap of faith, joie de vivre, chaos.

As the number 0 (infinity) the Fool is nothing and everything at the same time. He is the Spirit of Aether which is the 5th element, the celestial energy that fills all spaces. The Fool is both Dreamer and Trickster, idealist and scoundrel, innocent and cunning.

Like a dancer leaping onto the stage, the Vampyre bursts forth from his tomb. In his hand is a Holy Grail filled with life’s blood. The crows flying overhead represent the airy nature of this card.

You can’t tame the spirit of someone
who has Magick in their veins.

– Unknown

Wednesday (tomorrow)
The Magician: Planetary Trump of Mercury. The Mystic. Creative power and skills, manifesting Will into reality.

Coming on the heels of The Fool, The Magician is the next step in your journey through the Major Arcana. He is the alchemist who brings the hopes and dreams of The Fool to life. By balancing and utilizing the four elements (fire – Scepter, air – Knife, earth – Skull, water – Grail), he is a Wizard capable of creating magick and miracles. You have the power to change things according to your Will.

We come spinning out of nothingness,
scattering stars like dust.

– Rumi

8 of Scepters (Wands): Lord of Swiftness. Mercury in Sagittarius. Swiftness, sudden and direct action, movement, progress, momentum.

Eights represent movement and Wands are associated with the Will – and you can sure see all of that here! There’s a magnificent fierceness in the way this Vampyre is executing his attack, using the Scepter (symbolizing his fiery Willpower) as a weapon. Mercury is the planet of communication, thus this card may portend unexpected messages.

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