Small Spectacles

The panoramic view of a landscape. The Olympic Games. A sunrise or sunset. Fireworks on the 4th of July. Great wars. An erupting volcano. The Sistine Chapel. Redwood forests. The cinematic showmanship of Cecil B. DeMille. All can be considered spectacular spectacles.

n. an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale

But for me, well, I prefer spectacular on a SMALL scale. I like to zoom in, observing close-up rather than far away. I am reminded of a 1996 documentary (Of which I own a DVD copy.) entitled “Microcosmos“:

Take a meadow in France that appears to consist of nothing but grass and show us what wonders there are to be seen if you lower your eyes and look at the very very small… Filmed from a bugs-eye view and accompanied by beautiful soundtrack, the movie took three years to film. “One great movie to restore your sense of wonder.” Indeed. It is Magical. Nature is Magickal.

I ordered this Ludisia discolor (Jewel Orchid) back in July. Sometime in October I noticed a tiny green leaf sprouting from the soil of its 2″ pot. Fast-forward to November 30th and it presented itself as a miniature begonia! (A “twofer” – two plants for the price of one!)

Or take this Heliamphora minor which I got last January. On October 27, 2021 it began to develop a flower stalk which grew up and out of CarnieVIL.

Finally, tiny orange mushroons have sprung up next to my Darlingtonia californica.

Grandeur on a micro scale.

We might think we are nurturing our garden,
but of course it’s our garden that’s really nurturing us.

– Jenny Uglow

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