The Devil, The Rebel, The Trickster, and The Shadow

“Speak of the devil and he appears.”
“When you dance with the devil, you don’t get to pick the tune.”
“Better the devil you know.”
“The devil is in the details.”

and my favorite:
“The devil’s best trick was to convince us he doesn’t exist.”

The Devil represents the Zodiacal Trump of Capricorn in Tarot, and is ruled by Saturn (discipline and responsibility, Taskmaster) and exalted in Mars (creative energy and willpower, Warrior). Traditionally the keywords for The Devil are predictable (oppression, addiction, obsession, dependency, excess, powerlessness, and limitations); but in the Tarot of Vampyres it expresses itself thusly: Originality, Rebellion, Duality, Independent, Mischievous, and above all, having a Lust for life. No commonplace Baphomet-like symbol graces the card above. Indeed. Here The Devil appears to be more a lusty goatman – think Pan or the Horned God (consort of the White Goddess).

The Devil is the card’s quintessential Archetype but I’m going to attach it to three more…

  1. The Rebel – Just like his alias, Lucifer, The Devil goes against the grain, resists the status quo, and forges his own path.

    “Lucifer was perhaps the one who best understood the divine will struggling to create a world and who carried out that will most faithfully. For by rebelling against God, he became the active principle of a creation which opposed to God a counter-will of its own. Because God willed this, we are told in Genesis 3 that he gave man the power to will otherwise. Had he not done so, he would have created nothing but a machine, and then the incarnation and the redemption would never have come about. Nor would there have been any revelation of the Trinity, because everything would have remained One for ever.” – Carl Jung (1942) [source]

  2. The Trickster – The devil is known as “the father of all tricksters” and the cause of deceipt and deception. Like the Greek god Pan, The Devil is crafty, playful, opportunistic, light-hearted, and Devil-may-care.

    “…he can also be the agent provocateur that helps us live more fully into life.”

  3. The Shadow – The Devil is the dark and shadowy side of our existence. He demonstrates how a selfish devotion to material possessions and ill-conceived passions can tie us down and keep us from true happiness.

    “Milton called Satan the principium individuationis, the principle of individuation, and to the extent that our shadow side helps us become more fully ourselves.”

I drew the card after asking this question: “Through the end of 2021, whose energies should I engage?”

Major Arcana Tarot cards represent the life lessons, karmic influences and the big archetypal themes that are influencing your life and your soul’s journey to enlightenment. The Devil‘s message: Enjoy life for life is worth living. Leave behind structured ideologies, dogmas, and false morality. Embrace a healthy down-to-earth attitude. There’s a fine balance to be had between the animalistic passions that all humans possess and the Divine inspiration we strive to attain. Nothing’s wrong with meeting in the middle. Human are of The Earth as well as The Divine. To ignore either would be disastrous.

The only other hope is that he [man] may learn to curb a creativity which is wasting itself in the exploitation of material power. Unfortunately, all attempts in that direction look like bloodless Utopias.
– Carl Jung

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