Lune Noire

For those of us in North America, tonight* marks the first of an exceptionally rare occurrence of 3 consecutive Black Moons.

Our next two Black Moons will occur:

  1. March 1/2 – which coincides with Mardis Gras/Ash Wednesday
  2. March 31st – the day before April Fool’s Day

Additionally, another Black Moon will take place on April 30th – the day before Beltane, the same day on which a partial Solar Eclipse occurs. For most of the world this will be the only Black Moon of 2022.

A Black Moon is the result of the celestial mechanics and the Gregorian calendar being out of sync – a quirk of the calendar – and refers to a New Moon happening under any one of these circumstances:

  • A month in which there are 2 New Moons.
  • The 3rd New Moon in a season of 4 New Moons.
  • A month in which there is no New Moon.
  • A month in which there is no Full Moon.

*Coincidentally, tomorrow (February 1st) kicks off Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger) and ushers in Imbolc (Feb 1/2 depending on where you live in the world). So you see, all 4 of these Black Moons have much activity around them!

All New Moons are about new beginnings and manifestation but Black Moons are said to be especially powerful – fostering luck, creativity and happiness!

There’s more Magick afoot tonight: the Dark Moon phase takes place at 9:46pm PST. Purrr-fect for spells relating to intuition, banishing, protection, cleansing, meditation, and energy work – and for invoking Hekate.

Here’s a quick protection spell using either white or black salt: Prior to using be sure to bless or consecrate your salt, then sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home and at doorways and windowsills.

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